Welcome To Christian Talk With Eric Thompson
Oct. 5, 2021

Living With Joy Even As The End Times Approach (Part 1)

God‘s Word tells us to be aware of the coming judgment of the world. But as in all things, He is in control and our joy is complete in Jesus Christ. The global system is in place as governments implement the Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030 priorities.

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God‘s Word tells us to be aware of the coming judgment of the world. But as in all things, He is in control and our joy is complete in Jesus Christ. The global system is in place as governments implement the Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030 priorities.


Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thomson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life, a podcast for Christ, great faith, family political issues. Using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours that our light shine before others, so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Toms welcome to another Christian talk. My name is Ark Thompson, California, welcome to the podcast and if you're listening live on pot being to you welcome first time, I've tried to do both at the same time going live and the podcast. So hopefully it sounds good on both ends, but if not, you can always get a hold of the the podcast you can go to apple or to preak er, or to anywhere that you normally download your podcast and look for a Christian talk with Der Thompson and you can get the full episode with facebook crashing today with this infatuation with aliens that I'm seeing I mean I am I'm hearing stories from people that used to serve in the Church of people serving in churches and different ministries, and the things they're saying reminds me of what would happen when we get toward the the end of this age. This infatuation on conspiracies this, this dependency on a political leader that can come on the scene and fix everything. You know this okay. Well, we got aliens on the back side of the moon and we've got this and these people are coming and their aliens are everywhere and people are getting enlightened and now there's this chips. You can put on your hand. You know in this ecumenical thing and the pope pope on second, when he was in, had the have the MOMS and the and the monks coming into the to the Vatican, and now this new pope is really into this climate change and need needing to go to zero emissions and this tolerance. So we're going to talk about today is what does the Bible say about what it will be like in the end times and we'll go over some some verses with you and then we're going to talk about something called the great reset which is out of Davis, Switzerland? And it's it's this world economic form literally, it take global movement to deconstruct capitalism and to rebuild it in a a global equity where everybody would be the same. Yes, but you would just have to kiss the ring of the government to be able to have what everybody else has and then the United Nations. They have a just sich agenda. They, the great reset, is based off of fixing the world by two. Twenty. Thirty guess what the United Nations Sustainability Goals are to fix the world. What year do you think they're also working towards right now? Thousand and thirty? So you have you, have these massive power players from princes and kings and presidents prime ministers, billionaire's billionaires billionaires working through the great reset, while you have the United Nations working to also force the world into an equity position where weethin is everything is, is, is Utopia? That's the goal the governments of the world can bring in Utopia if the people would just quit trying to be individuals if different religions would quit if they would stop trying to be the way and people would would give up stuff for the sake of the global family, and if the people would would say you know it's okay, to give up some right, you know. Maybe we should have a social credit score like they have in China, because people just can't be mean people got to stop. They got to stop being mean to people. So if they're mean then they should lose some credit and then the government and the financial systems can force people into compliance. You know into being a good global citizen around the United States here out here in California, I'll go to starbucks or I go to in and out Burger and a sign at says we're low on coins. So we're really don't have coins anymore. So maybe you can round up. You can just pay us we'll just keep the change because we don't really want to. We don't have coins to give you HMM I've been talking about this for years over in Sweden. Oh No. We just put chips in our hands. Thousands of people are saying, we don't need money, let's just go: Let's just go all electronic currency. Now as we go as we go through the podcast here and I'll I'll, try to condense a lot of information because I might even do I'll probably do part. One part, two part, three S. What I'm looking at, what I have to go over with you, but I do I do want to remind all of us before we we dive into this. God is sovereign. His plan is in motion. The heart. A man is to seepy wicked people in the governments of the world are put in place by God to accomplish his will, but they in their hearts are not good, but God is good. God Is Holy, God is powerful, God is sovereign. We are redeemed if you're in Jesus Christ. If you have been born again and and you he is Lord, then you are an adopted child. We are adopted, children in the family of God, and nothing can separate us from the love of God. And yes, we go through trials on this earth, but as we go through, what's going on, maintain your your awareness of your joy, I don't think joy goes up and down I mean you can have you can you can feel drained, but our joy has to be in the Lord and that doesn't change our happiness. Yes goes up and down like a Yoyo, but our joys complete and risen and our rest risen saviour. So don't be down. This isn't bad news. This is good news if you, if, if we keep in mind that we're headed toward heaven reheated toward when God e, when he brings his new heaven in New Earth, Jesus will return, he will destroy the world, he will establish his kingdom and then, after a thousand years, the new heaven and the new Earth will put in place and we will live eternally in the in the in the environment of knowing walking, with and and being in deep fellowship face to face with our creator like Adam anime. There won't be any sorrow. There won't be any tears. There won't be any sin, there won't be a Satan, it won't be demons, there won't be people who hated God who hate God it'd be like the way it was supposed to be, but we're supposed to be we're supposed to be as wisest serpents and gentle n's doves were supposed to know the seasons. So I thought we would go through this over the two or three days depending upon how things go, just to remind all of us that the way things are going should have us looking up like it says in Titus. Two: Thirteen right: we wait for the glorious appearing of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ. We we have to be looking up like first ECELO IANS that were at the twinkling of an eye. People that are here in Christ will be then translated or raptured up to heaven and then revelation church at it starts, I'm not saying we're in the tribulation, I'm not saying it's going to happen in thirty seconds. I'm saying that the way because I write political articles so what I'm seeing from black rock financial for the whole thing, the whole system is trending towards a one government system, with divisions, obviously with Russia and India and China. Remember it you thirty eight! We get to the end. We have these wars taking place and you can see everything forming, and that is what is very interesting. But it's good news. It's not bad news. Some by people get scared, don't be scared, be encouraged that we have the signs. In God's word, all right: Let's, let's go over some scriptures on what what the Bible says. It a be. What what should we be looking for as this world winds down? Second Timothy, three Paul writing to time three, one through five. He says, but mark this there will be terrible times. In the last days, people will be lovers of themselves lovers of money, boastful proud, abusive disobedient to their parents, ungrateful and Holy Without Love, unforgiving, slanderous without self control. Brutal, not lovers of good treacherous, rash, conceded levers of pleasure, rather than lovers of God having a form of giddiness, but denying its power have nothing to do with such people. Second, Peter Three, three two four above all, you must understand. In the last days, scoffers will come scoffing and scoping and following their own evil desires, they will say: Where is it? Where is this coming? He promised referencing Jesus ever since our ancestors died. Everything goes on as it has since the beginning of creation. First Timothy, four one, the spirit clearly says, and in the latter time some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things being taught by demons, sounds kind of there's a sound familiar to you. Now some people try to get all like predictive. Oh I've got it figured out. Jesus said in Matthew, twenty four thirty six they asked him about when when would all these things come to pass? Is Return the end of the world? Twenty four thirty six, but about that day an hour, no one knows not even the angels in Heaven, nor the son, but only the father as it was in the days of Noah. So shall it be at the coming of the son of man for in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage up to the day no entered the Ark, and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. This is how we'll be at the coming of the Sun. A man two men of be in the field want to be taken away. The other left, two women will be grinding at the handmill one'll be taken. One left therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what they. Your Lord will come but understand this. If the owner of the House had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the son of man will come in an hour when you do not expect him. The news each day is what Covin viruses fear. The rise of China, putten, Afghanistan, Islam, India's growing technology by G in a falling away of the faith churches that used to be Christian are now post, Christian or pseudo churches, where they have abandoned the faith and their following doctrines stopped by demons. They take parts of scripture and they just say you know that. But that's not nice. I don't like those verses. My family member is transgender so that my family member is homosexual. My family does drugs, but he's not a bad person, so God's going to have to he's gonna have to build Nice on this one he needs to be. You know we're going to. I he'll overlook what is by what his word says. So we get back we're going to get into little bit on the great reset do so you understand that there are people in motion right now. There's things in motion that are going to work towards the moment when Jesus Christ returns for his Church and then the judgment starts on the earth. 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But in revelation thirteen the Bible is it's John. Is Writing? is He's getting these visions that the antichrist, in the end he's going to cause all people, both small and great, rich and poor Brian Slave, to receive a mark underhand or their foreheads right hand or foreheads, and no one's going to be able to buy yourself except the one who has the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name in the number six six six, which is in symbolic of the number of man six in complete? So the system is going to be it's going to be very trackable electronic! NO CASH! There's moves around the world right now to get rid of cash. It's too expensive. It has to be. You know, converted over to global currency anyway, and so that's why they're already saying we can't? We don't have COINS FRIEND OF MINE IN MISSOURI OF WAL Martirs. I think it was. They don't have coins, so you're, going to you're going to see the eliminating of coins and then big deal big dollar bills down to small and eventually you know what everybody's electronic anyway and it costs too much money to keep printing money and there's counterfeits and there's drug activity, so we're going to get rid of cash and then you'll just get this chip which right now, you notice of the the debit cards swipe to it. Put your chip in now to now. You just wipe your card with the chip on it and then, like Sweden, where they in planet, where you don't have to worry about it any more. Second CRATHES, eleven fourteen and fifteen says no wonder even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore, it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness whose ends will be according to their deeds. A lot of people say they're seeing aliens when I break it to you, there's no such thing as an alien, but there are demons, millions and millions of demons that can more or give the presence of an angel of light. The whole goal like it says in Romans IV, one in the end is it is it people start worshiping the creation instead of the Creator and Lucifer, is going to be causing in the end fire to come down and from heaven, and at least the appearance of Heaven and and he's going, there's going to be all this confusion, because if people are not in their word and they're being and they're being led by their emotions and false prophets are running around in chaos and everything's electronic Jesus said it: Wasn't, it wasn't for him in the end, the elect would even be lost. It's going to be so the delusions going to be so powerful. So here is where we are October. Fourth, two thousand and twenty one, and this we're going to I'm going to I'm going to try to give you the umbrella. Now, I'm not talking about George Sorrows and all that talking about something called the great reset and you can go on their website. We Form Dot work, we form God orger the World Economic Forum, the website. This was June. Third of last year and they're, saying it's a great time for a great reset. Now as a time for a great reset clash. Wab runs this group and the thing about it. It is they're saying that it's a best chance to to tear down traditional capitalism, individualism individuals living on under their God. Given rights, life, deliberate pursued, a happiness, autonomous worship- God, you know, worship, Jesus Christ proclaiming in the streets. No, they want to instigate something called a stake: Holder: capitalism, where you don't have investors that invest now you're going to have every single person that touches a product used as a product makes a product has anything to do with the corporation should have a say in what happens, because that way we can achieve equity Utopia, no super rich, no super poor in the G in this, the government can do that and the goal. The thing that launched this was Covin. Nineteen you website says Cova. Nineteen lockdowns may be gradually easy, but anxiety about the words world. Social and economic prospects is only in testify, intensifying, there's a good reason to worry. A sharp economic downturn has already begun and we could be facing the worst depression since the S, but while Thou outcomes likely it's not avoid able to achieve a better Oulton, the role must act jointly globally and swipple to revamp all aspects of societies. One religion, one economy, one education system that everybody gets talked to say nobody's getting better or lesser. Education has better homes, worse Holmes, social contracts, working conditions equal from every country to United States to China. We must participate from every industry from oil and gas attack. We must be transformed. In short, we need a great reset of capitalism. Does that sound like globalism to you? They Have Financial Times Wall Street Journal, the in International Monetary Funds. They've got this doom and gloom and there and when you listen to them, they're like it's great here's, a video I'm going to play and so you're going to you're going to get the idea what they're saying you're not going to be able to see it, but this is from a video they put out four and a half minutes so be patient with me. An them will finish her. This is their description of why the great reset is necessary in why it's necessary. Now he change the world as we know it and the actions we take to day as we love to recover with a fine. Our generation is the time to think what history would say just want. I'm let me I'm going to stop you during the video just so you can. Okay, this is Chris Cristalina Georgia, George, a Vina Georgia beat Managing Director International Monetary Fund. This is her speaking about why the green read the great reset is necessary. International Monetary Fund about this crisis thousand and twenty has been challenging on a moder levels as economic, environmental and societal frates have been laid back, but it's also proved that when we need to, we can act rapidly and restructure. Our lives in this are pictures of everybody putting on mask and clapping for people with mask on. That was the change that we all the world was willing to change and give up their rights and collectively wear mask worldwide, and people are clapping for them doing that. That is the that shows that the world will come into submission for a purpose rapidly and restructure our lives. Recovering from the pandemic is an opportunity we can see Reeve in the form of a vaccine, but there is no vexing for the planet care. That's in! That's the! U N Secretary on Taneo, Guiteras and, and so now this was obviously right before the vaccines, but he's saying that with Thee's no vaccine, it's so we've got to come together for the great reset. So we can come out of this stronger than ever. Nature needs a Baila. Nature needs a Belato, the status quo that you had before, simply because it was this toto, the gods, that's a that's a e corporation. We you resate the world o ways we couldn't before ways that better address. So many of the challenges we face and that's why so many are calling for a great recent, a great reset that sounds more like Buzzword, bingos, masking some of farious plans of the world domination. Hans Up, this kind of slogan hasn't gone down well, but all we really want to say is that we all have an opportunity to build a better world and it's not surprising that people who have been disenfranchised by broken system and pushed even further by the pandemic will suspect global leaders of conspiracy, but the world's not that simple. Every one of us has differing plaats coming to stop it here. So but they're basically saying at this point is that it's not going to be easy, because people that are Christians and Muslims and Buddhist and capitalist and Communist and Socialist, it's not going to be easy, which actually, if you're a practical person, it's not possible but hey. This is the move toward this globalization, this this new world order structure, so they're going to go through now that America, the powerful nations, must can must do this so you, but so, in other words, some some country, some people, some faith. Some world views are going to have to give up their world their opinions, their religion, there's going to have to be a a giving up of autonomy to join this new global movement. If it's going to work but darn it, they think they can do it. Teas values and ideas. That's part of why solutions are so hard to come by and why we all need to be involved in the decision making, because, whether it's politicians, CEOS academics, activists or you we're all about getting people together. Even those you may not like to sit down at the table and develop solutions that work for all of us, but I los trust between the private sector of the public sector for this to actually for that, trust is hard. Okay, this! So this is, you have to listen to these words as you're as you're. Seeing this in your day to day this is a j Bong, Banga CEO of Master Card. He sang that. The key to this is that the public sector and private, the government and private businesses, the key, is if they come together and compel the world to fall in line, it can be done so there. So the world must trust that when the government and corporations come together that that they can fix the problems of this planet- and he said it's hard to come by co of Master Card, but it's one of the core things to the great reset that is under way right now. It's time for people to work together, listen to each other and build this trust, so we can move towards a better world and we really need one, because, while the pandemic affects us all it's clear, it affects some more than others. First people who would get other people at the front, those who are vunerable it is those of front line. is a human rights activist unacceptable, see at the start of two thousand and twenty one percent of the world's population and forty four percent of the wealth? Okay. So this is where the government is going to fix the problems of the world and they're going to make everything equitable and they're going to go to the jungles and Brazil, the rain forest to the Congo, to China, to Indonesia. Al Saba, Dor Los Angeles they're, going to they're going to they're going to make it fair because the world can can do that if the government and the corporations are working together and since the stat is a pandemic, billionaires have increased theirs by more than twenty five per cent es. A hundred and fifty million people fell back into extreme poverty. With climate change set to dwarf the damage caused by the panda. One of the main drivers is climate change. That's why you're seeing the three and a half trillion dollars builder the left is trying to push through because it's crucial for them to fall in line with the movement of the United Nations and the Great Reset and the directive from Black Rock financial, which is a seg score. Then everybody's in step. We just weed the people just need to know why and as Christians. We need to know because, as we see this taking form and shape and heading to a globe the global nature of this, the new world order, then we know that our Lord's return is at the door and make the message from two thousand and twenty should be abundantly clear. Capitalism, as we know it is this obsession that it's mark many off. The CEO of sales force we have had with maximizing profits for Sherald ers alone is led to incredible in equality and a planetary emergency. But no one can do this alone and top down approaches won't get us anywhere, because everything we've learned in our work has shown us that diverse voices lead to better results. And it's for these reasons that the forum talks about something called stake: holder, capitalism, which would shift businesses away from just profit. Because if we want to change where the focus of our recovery will go, then we need a new dash temacin director of the world in comic as to encompass people, planet, prosperity and institutions, giving people a real stake in the economy and putting well being before growth, and that's all about getting the right people in the right place at the right time. We must be built our relations, an indigenous right activision, of the people's in our clients. We have a window of time which is closing and win everybody who cares to get hard originals and find solutions. No is the people who have great ideas and who share them with others they're the ones who are shaping the future. So if you want to be a part of the well there you go so there that is the World Economic Forum I'll go more into that next time, but as we close out part one here, again God a sovereign. The word of God is our. Is our stability, because everything necessary for Godly living? Everything we need is, in the word of God, and the Holy Spirit in US ignites that word or makes. That word makes the word of God alive and our hearts in our mind. So we can be aware, but we have to be able to look and see, there's things going, cashless moving towards globalism. Moving towards this one ecumenical movement, this push toward attacking big biblical Christianity, attacking genders redefining everything. So we want to be aware, but don't be fearful because God, this is God's plan we are in his will and we are going to glory when it's all sudden done either sooner or later or if this is all going to take a hundred years to continue to unfold. It's okay but bless the Lord that he gave he's giving us he's, giving us the ability to see this and what is our widows? Our calling our calling is to share the Gospel. A calling is to be a light in this dark world which is going to get darker. We have to understand that the world is not going to appreciate us at all. As matter of fact, we will become less liked by the world as the world heads toward the ANA Christ and in this global ecumenical worship of the beast, without the Christians around, because we're raptured and so rejoice in the fact you're saved rejoice that we understand what's coming and next week. I'm sorry tomorrow, on the on the part, two I'm going to finish up with the great reset, try to give you some more facts than I'm going to go over the United Nations, because they're also shooting for two thousand and thirty, and then we will get to we'll finish it up with the scriptures and what to expect, but the whole time. We never want to lose focus that our goal, our goal, is to share the Gospel and to prepare to meet our Lord and Save Your Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for you an to me. This has been Christian talk, talk, t you guys to morrow my website again. Actually I did mention that website is Christian talk, thout life Christian talk that life to him on a