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Nov. 10, 2021

The U.S.A. Is Divided, Christians Must Be United!

The U.S.A. Is Divided, Christians Must Be United!

The U.S. is no longer united.  In these end times, the true Christ-followers must be! A new poll shows the millennials need hope, they need peace, they need Christ.

The U.S. is no longer united.  In these end times, the true Christ-followers must be!  A new poll shows the millennials need hope, they need peace, they need Christ.


Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life, a podcast for Christ, Fra, faith, family political issues. Using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours that are light shine before others, so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson. We welcome to another Christian talk, PODCAST! Thank you! So much for you name. My name is Er Thompson. I'm out here in California it is November, ninth, two thousand and twenty one. If it's worst time, you've listened in. Thank you so much. I have a website. It's Christian Talk! Dot Life Christian talk, Dot Life! If you want to email me, it's ere or I C at Christian talk dot life. You can download the podcast about anywhere that you get your podcast apple or spotify, Google, and the reason why I do this podcast and the reason why I'm going to be expanding it. I'm setting up a an online Christian television news network, called K. Truth Com, no truth, Kay, truth, K, truth, com and I'll be doing lie broadcasting in the reason. Why is that as a Marie Corps veteran as a s baby as someone who loved growing up in the late S, I m, you know minus Carter, but but the s right, and- and what did I love about that it was? It was Apple Pie right, it was baseball, it was God it was community and so when we would say the United States of America. That was true. I remember Bacri the Bi Centennial, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six two hundred years as in a small town in Iowa and they shut the whole town down and we had a city barbecue, a couple hundred people, maybe one thousand nine hundred and eighty we beat the Russians and hockey in the whole country was excited Ronald Reagan. After four years in office, the country felt so optimistic that forty nine out of fifty states voted form. Forty nine out of fifty, so we were united in the underpinning. WAS THE CHURCH WAS CHRIST? Not that not the people were all Christians and not the people that claimed to be Christians were living right. But there was this these, the civics, the way the expectations and the culture are based off of. We can't lie you'll get fired. If you lie, if you commit adultery, if you you steal, if you're late all the time, if you're disrespecting your boss, there were consequences, but what was going on underneath in the course and through the education system, was godless teaching Marxism, atheism, sexual perversion and on today's podcast we're going to go over some of the results of a George Barna survey of millennials early tes mids I'll, give you the actual ages when we get to it. But what e? What we see in the pole is a lack of hope, a lack of truth, a lack of knowing who you are, and it doesn't surprise me because, if everything that we need in life is like, it says in Second Peter one: Three that God's divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness to the knowledge of him, who called us by his own glory and the excellence and then burst forth through these. He has given us his precious and magnificent promises so that through themwe may be partakers of it. The divine nature now that you have escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires these two in the in the schools, the Bible, Reading, Bible Studies, prayer, the Ten Commandments, are in the rooms, but here we are in two thousand and twenty one and everything that the culture believed universally as a whole. When we were united, is now debatable and no longer even discussed in the public square because you might trigger somebody. If you bring up issues like there's only one God there's only one saviour and Jesus Christ is part of the Godhead and that he is the creator of everything and he's a sustainer everything and that men are responsible for their families to Jesus Christ as the head of the Church and then the women as they are in fellowship with their husband to honor. Christ, then submits to their husband and the children are responsible to the parents and by obeying their parents and worshipping Christ. They can live long on the earth. Everything, I just said is now rejected by the post, modern by the progressives by the leftest, by the the people who don't who reject these new terms, his patriarchal system in the in this massage geniti domination and all these things so we're not the United States of America, the church, the true body of believers, is united in Christ, but the country shall never be the United States of America again and as a former marine, that's hard to say and someone who did, I write political articles for a living and I've done political podcast and talk shows and videos. I don't know for five six, seven years, I'm going to be going away from those because it's about Christ, it always has been, but this this idea of being able to preserve unity in America is gone. Now, that's not something to be sad about the more I've been praying and thinking about it. This is actually the wake up. Call for some of us to say to live is Christ to die is to gain we. I think I can speak for me, especially. I got absorbed into this idea of Maga, which actually was back during Reagan and Carter and then up to trump. This idea that we could owe we could always if we put pull up our boots traps and we and we get unite together. We can, we can turn it around, but God doesn't share glory. God, isn't God doesn't have a United States of America? Only he's working in China he's working in India he's working in Indonesia. He's working in Iran is working in Mexico. Now the things that our government doing in America is godless and the, and so we're seeing an expetenda decline of the country because of the abuse and education, immigration and lawlessness, the text potential, but Christ doesn't change. God's word doesn't change, but in the end there's a there's a falling away. I was going through Matthew. Twenty four today is Jesus said, but before the end, the judgment, the people's hearts would grow cold. So what we see around us is coldness narciss. How many clicks did I get? How many tick tog views relationships are shallow girls and boys will send sexual photos in a text and then regret it oops. I guess I guess I was dumb. That's online now forever, but he the study I ran across is from the freedoms, foundations, freedom, it's appear to peer platform or believers and traditional American values unite maximizing our collective influence in back on society, but from the George Barne group, who's been pulling for Christians or decades. The group has so. The introduction to this pole is every generation is shaped by a major world view by events and that have taken place and occur during the formative years, for the menials is the end of the Cold War, and I so the o Soviet Union, the Rodney king beatings, Pugri the Internet, one thousand nine hundred and ninety three columbine nine eleven beginning of twitter facebook in the early ties and then the Brock Obama we're going to reset and we're going to change the United States of America. So here are some the Abbe. They have some quick takeaways from it and we're going to go over some of them. But keep in mind, this generation has grown up primarily in the Internet, the ones that went through the public school system or the universities have been taught to Marxism, advanced sex ad and a critical race theory, maybe, and when they were finishing up- or they were part of just this- this kind of distaste for American history and it was coming through the teachers and the professors before they graduated another in the late s and S, and so when you, when, when we look at how they feel this is from a pole at six hundred millennials online. That did, I think, seventeen minutes. They were guaranteed that that the information would go nowhere, except for collecting the data that nobody would ever know. It's from people that were from Night Bor, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four to two thousand and two eighty four to two thousand and two and there's about seventy eight million people in this group. So what it look like taking a small shot of a people born in that time frame, a lot of them went to church, but a lot of them, don't believe in God. A lot of them went to youth group, but they don't believe in absolute truth. They like Jesus, but they don't think he is the only way you see the problem with this is that that's no different than paganism, except it's worse, because they have been exposed to the light, but now they're rejecting the light, but hey we're going to figure out where how they feel and then we're going to see if there's a way that we can minister to them more because Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. So, thank you so much we're listening in got to go to a quick break. My two sponsors or my Pelloo, my pillowcase, sure use a Promo Code. 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My name is Ar Thomson Outer in California and we're going over the fact that I believe the United States, America is no longer united and that we need to be united in Christ. We need to be united in our purpose and our purpose is to make much of Christ the New Testament Church, the New Testament Church. They would meet pray intercede for one another and stead of the apostles teachings and shared, and they would share the Gospel and they would be always looking with expectancy for the glorious appearing of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. That was Christianity, the church this end times church. We need to be united need to be in prayer. We need to be making much of Christ. John on fourteen six Jesus said they asked him, show us the way. Thomas said in John Fourteen five, Lord, we don't know where you are going. How can we know the way and Jesus turned it into the most separative, the most dogmatic, straightforward line in the sand, demarcation between Christ and all false religions that have ever been and ever will be. Jesus said to him the verse, six John Fourteen six. I am the way and the truth and the life no one comes to the father, except through me, in Colossians Hebrews, one John One, Jesus is the word. Jesus is the crater of all things. Jesus is the son of God, the son O man. He said Thomas Doubting Thomas. I am the way that is the way Thomas Truth. Life Way Truth Life Christ, when our country was founded, was primarily on puritans and in religious people. Christian people different denominations. We were united, we united under the Constitution. There was an agreement with our leaders, but that those days are gone, but the church must be united. We must agree that God's Word is his word. Originally written infallible, trustworthy. One hundred percent past present future everything we need for Goudinet and the knowledge in our infinite minds. Right now is in scripture. Second Peter One. Three like we spoke about the Bible says over and over, and I sa forty four six. For example, the Lord is Israel's King and defender. He is a lord of the armies. This is what the Lord says. I am the first in the last. There is none. There is no god. Besides me, that's Isa, forty four six. What did Jesus say in revelation? I am the first in the last. There is none besides me get around me for thirty five unto Thee. It is shown that Thou might know that the Lord he is, God, there's none. Besides him, James, two, nineteen. You believe that God is one you do well, even the demons believe in shudder. First, Timothy, two, five and six, for there is one God and one mediator between God and Man, the man Christ Jesus who gave himself as a ransom for all people. This is how this has now been witnessed that appressed the proper time first Granthan, eight six Paul Rope. Yet for us there is one God, the father from whom all things are and whom we exist in one Lord Jesus Christ, from whom we are all all things and through whom we exist, so we are as Christians to be united. We are aliens we are not residents of this world we're passing through John Fifteen nineteen. If you belong to the world, I would be love you, as its own says, Jesus speaking as it is. You do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you. Jesus is prayer and John Seventeen fourteen through sixteen I've giving I have given them your word and the world has hated them, for they are not of the world any more than I am of the world. My prayer is not that you take them out of the world, but that you protect it from the evil one they are not of this world, even as I am not of it. First John for five. They are from the world and therefore speak from the viewpoint of the world, and the world listens to them. This is unbelievers, the unsaved people they are from the world and therefore they speak from the viewpoint of the world and the world listens to them. So truth is in God's word. Truth is there's only one God there's only one savior Jesus is way, truth life. So let's look at what the millennials, how they're doing now after going through the Public School System Netflix for their entertainment and the ones born from eighty four to two thousand and two, so here's here's what it looks like when the world influences you quok take away. This is from Arizona, Christian dot et you. You can see it posted on my website, I'll, put a link up there on Christian talk out life. You can also go to my social media platform. I own one called Maga Book Com. That's mine, Maga Book Com, look for Christian talk on there or twitter Christian talk to us or somewhere on facebook. They already took me down once, but you may find Christian talk up there too, O here we go close to half of the this group says they prefer socialism to capitalism. When God is not reality to you, when everything you need for life is not available to you, then you have to find something outside yourself to try to help you so they're looking to government. So here is some more data. Forty per cent of this group consider themselves liberal or progressive. La these kids went to youth group, went to Church Twenty Nine, now twenty nine out of a hundred but consider themselves conservative less than the third say they are very satisfied with their life. Less than a third of this generation is satisfied with life. Thirty, nine percent of eighteen to twenty four year olds now identify is lgbtq one to three etc. What was less than one per cent when I was growing up, is thirty nine per cent in a group that believes there is no truth. Only one third of the millennials in this pole, six hundred six hundred adults in the age group anonymously online, taking seventeen minutes to complete the survey with the expectation and promise that nobody would ever see their data there that their information, only one third claimed to believe in God, seven out of ten claim. They're willing to sacrifice their life for something, but what greater financial ease a deeper relationship, a better paying job, better mental or emotional health, the most important thing facing them, because the majority admits to feeling anxious depressed or fearful and three out of four of them believe. Seventy five percent believe that all face are equal. There's, no, there's no absolute to cling on there's, there's! No everything is everything is, is a blur. Everything is comingled, so here's the most important things: coronaviruses, climate change, racial discrimination, abortion and the economy. Those are the most important things facing the nation according to to a group. By their own admission, they admit to often feeling anxious depressed or fearful three out of four say they're still searching for their purpose in life. Two out of three young adults are met to avoiding interactions with someone if it might cause a conflict. Issues listed by less than two percent of Mennes are being among the most important included issues listed by less than two per cent as being among the most important. So Ninety eight percent, these items are not important to them. Infrastructural needs policies related to Israel, national defense, national values and morals, media standards, rule of law, religious freedom, the partisan divide and national unity, not not important to them of the nine cultural influence. Er categories tested, none of them are trusted by a majority to always or almost alwayss tell the truth, or do it is right. The most highly trusted influencers where their parents and friends, the least trusted, were entertainment, celebrities, popular Social Manin personalities, elected officials. I agree with him on that. So this is this is the manifestation of the United States and, what's screaming out of me, is that we now have a group of seventy plus, a million people deny Jesus, we should be in prayer, we should be working together and we should be able to address and and create documentaries and videos and reach out and say, do not fear how to overcome anxiousness depression or being fearful. It's called Christ in Christ. What should be the most important things being in Christ? Loving your neighbors yourself. What's the most important issue facing our nation sin? Thirty, nine out of a hundred in this poll, claim to have departed from God's design for sexuality. There's nothing edifying! There's, there's no future, and I was talking to my wife earlier what humans do as creatures as created beings, is we're always looking out for our best interest, we're looking out for what makes us happy what makes us comfortable? What makes us feel good? It doesn't matter in God's economy if we're happy, because we're supposed to count at all joy, even when we're in trials attest our faith. It builds US up and we get we get flattened, sometimes by the Lord or we get ourselves in the masses and he allows it. So we can be humbled. We can come to the reality that we are not the universe in Christ. We have joy, that's how Paul could say counted. All joy well. James said that, but Paul was saying that I've learned to be content while in prison with guards shackled to him. Twenty four hours a day, rats filth, you down in the darkness, cause I've learned to be I'm content, it's good. So as we're moving forward from two thousand and twenty one getting close to two thousand and twenty two, I encourage you to seek more fellowship with true believers to spend more time in your word, to be united, the church must be united and if there's love for one another in the church than the world, the world as Jesus said, can look at the church and believe in God, because of the love we have for one another. You can't like when I go on Reda to try to post a basic Christian doctrine. I get attacked by people that claim to be Christians all no, that's not that's, not what it says. It's like wow, I can't say Jesus is coming soon without I spoke about this on the last podcast. It still blows me away. It makes people it disturbs people that claim to be Christian in the group. I am en sayin he's coming back, yeah. Well, the Bible says in the end that the be scoffer saying where is this coming a you know, her there's one person say well, no Jesus the world has to be good before Jesus comes back him like what what did you come up with that the days are going to go darker and darker, but keep in mind the increase in people that claim to be LGBT is because they are lost they can they do not believe in truth, they cannot find anything to anchor too. They don't know if there's a future, there's higher suicide rates so t they turn to the government more and more. To fix everything. Yes, socialism, Marxism fix everything like today this week in the news: Pete Buddhagaya WHO's, a homosexual man who thinks he's married with adopted children, yeah the bridges in the road or even racist in America. Really what do we do? Tear him down because as immense racist? Well, if you say that government- and we should- you- should fix that fix it- government fix everything, fix fix, equity, the demons believe in Jesus. They know that were to God is true and they're fearful for the judgment, but they still go about lying and deceiving. They still go around like it says. Satan goes around like a lying roaring lion to freeze people and to get him fearful and if they're Christians to not even be able to walk in victory or walk of in obedience to Christ, because they're so scared of being disliked by the people like the millennials at only a third believe in God, and they don't believe in they believe in Jesus, but they don't believe that Jesus was any different than a Mohammed or anybody else. So comby everybody get along. The government will fix the wrongs and then maybe I won't be so nervous. Maybe I won't be so depressed. Maybe I won't be so fearful. Maybe I can find purpose in my life. Jesus told the doubting Thomas. I am the way the truth in the life Thomas. That is, you asked about the way that is the way I am the way so keep them in prayer. But if you am linnels children, grand children or people run across or just understand their generation. According to their pole, they're struggling men, your churches try to think a way scriptures, not fancy programs, not brainwashing, but love. You guys all Talca Christian talk about life. Thank you again for listening. My two sponsors, my pillow, my pillow com is a prom, a code F T R at checkout to save up to sixty six percent and freedom. PONCA US a promo coat, save a check out to save fifty ar this is our Thompson. With Christian talk, my website again Christian talked out, live I'll talk to later a