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Oct. 7, 2021

Living With Joy Even As The End Times Approach (Part 2)

Part 2 - God‘s Word tells us to be aware of the coming judgment of the world. But as in all things, He is in control and our joy is complete in Jesus Christ. The global system is in place as governments implement the Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030...

Part 2 - God‘s Word tells us to be aware of the coming judgment of the world. But as in all things, He is in control and our joy is complete in Jesus Christ. The global system is in place as governments implement the Great Reset and UN Agenda 2030 priorities.


Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life, a podcast for Christ, drink faith, family political issues. Using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours that are light shine before others, so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Tom. Thank you so much for joining me here. On Christian talk, my name is Eric Thompson. It is October six, two thousand and twenty one. This is a date podcast that put out just to give the information on things that can affect your life as a Christian living in these precarious times. I do thank you for sitting in. If you ever want to get a hold of me, you can email me at Eric Eric at Christian talk, dot life, that's my website to Christian talk, dot life or check out social media platforms. I own Maga Book Com and twilet. If you want to check on my little platforms, but if you can look around facebook or Eric James Tomson or Christian talk with our Thompson you'll bale to find me last time we were together, we started a series: It's maybe going to be two part to three parts, but the first one was living with joy, even as the end times approach. The thing about our walk with the Lord is that we are not orphans. We were not left behind when Jesus ascended to sit at the right hand of the father interceding for us. We we are blessed because the Holy Spirit dwells in US, the Bible says: Don't you realize that you're not your own, that you've been bought at a price? Therefore glorify God with your body and your spirit with your gods? It's a reasonable thing that we live making much of Christ because he died to give us entreat. We have entry into the Throne Room of grace. We can approach our Holy Father in Heaven as Aba in Christ, so we're not orphans. That's why Jesus said don't be depressed, don't be fearful, don't worry, but we do because, like Paul said we're not wrestling against blessing blood, we're resting against principalities powers, demons powers, you know we're our flesh, our flash likes being flushy. Our flesh doesn't want to die. Our flesh wants to be satisfied. The spirit of God inside is interceding for us and it is. It is moving us to follow to obey, to to be submitted to the word of God, and that is typically in conflict with the flesh. So the reason why we struggle is because, like Paul said, he looks inside and he sees his body and his spirit warring with one another. So life's not easy and Jesus said, don't don't expect to not have trials, don't bit I've overcome, so don't be down, don't be depressed, don't don't lose hope the trials will come for all of us, but Jesus has overcome them. I say all that because, as we're as we are headed towards the end of this age, the end of this creation, as the creation is, is groaning saying. Man Start over new having new earth deliver us from this sinful world. We are like aliens we're passing through if we are born again. If we've been saved, because Jesus said you can't come to me unless I draw you if you're listening to this or if you have family members that are Christians than they've been drawn and then they confess and they believe, and they are saved, so we as a body of Christ or living in a fallenworld that the father of this planet is Lucifer and his demonic, hoast, which last time we spoke about and I posted on facebook. If you've been thinking about it, there are no aliens, but there are demons that present themselves as angels alight and they're manifesting themselves to draw people away from the crater and to focus on the creation instead and to get them focusing on aliens instead of their Saviour Jesus Christ. So when the end times is spoken about what we're dealing with is we have to be looking to what the Bible says would be the signs just like the fisherman in the in Jesus's time when he told them. You know in the Pharisees you guys you guys, can look at the the clouds or the skies and, if they're rad it means this. So you're you you're aware of signs world and he tells us look go into the word stay in the word, because Jesus is the word and look for the signs, and when we do that, then we can. We can know where we're at, but we don't know the day of the Hour Matthew, twenty four thirty six to forty four, but about that day the day that Jesus will return the day or hour. No one knows if you ever listen to somebody who claims to be a preacher, a Bishop, an apostle or whatever, and they know the day. The hour run. You probably shouldn't be listening to him in the first place, because they're heretical, if they even get to that point of trying to Supersede Matthew Twenty four thirty six but Jesus again, but about that day or hour. No one knows not even the angels in heaven nor the Son, but only the father, verse, Thirty, seven as it is in the day as a noah. So it shall be in the coming and the son of man continuing on for in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking and marrying and giving in marriage up to the day. Noah entered the art. Does this this? This is a kind of alarming, if you think about it, as it was in the days of Noah, so people people had rejected Noah his sons, the message to watching him build an Ark about a hundred. What Hundred Years under twenty years, whatever it was, he repent to repent you're, crazy, you're, crazy repent, you're crazy. What are you building a boat? It doesn't rain. What is up forward ha ha you're, an idiot, but it said that people were eating and drinking and giving in marriage were getting married and having families and eating, and then the doors God shut the door and they all died y. Why did they die because they were unrighteous, the first thirty nine says, and they knew nothing about what would happen until the blood came and took them away. This is how it will be at the coming of the sentiment verse. Forty two men will be in the field want to be taken away. The other left, forty one, two women will be grinding at a handmill one'll be taken, and the other laugh. Forty two therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come and them down to forty four. You must also be ready, because the son of man will come in an hour when you do not expect him, so we don't know when he's coming, but some some indications that things were the things are getting close. Paul wrote to Timothy and second Timothy, three one through five, but note this timothy or mark it down, write it they'll be terrible times. In the last days, people will be lovers of themselves: lepos of money, boastful proud, abusive disobedient to their parents. Ungrateful Whole Unholy Without Love, unforgiving, slander, Ess, without self control, brutal, not leverson, good treacherous rash, can see the lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God having a form of godliness, but denying its power have nothing to do with such people. Lastly, Second Peter There's more verses, but I'm going to move on to the the United Nations agenda, O thousand and thirty, because and I'll tie that together here in a second of I want to make sure that's that's. The goal today is to two thousand and thirty seems to be the date that the that these global movements are trying to reach their utopia by a second peter, three, three through four above allo. You must understand that in the last days, scoffers will come scoffing and following their own evil desires, and they will say where is the coming he promised ever since our ancestors died. Everything goes on, has it since it has since the beginning of creation and Luke two, those hundred and thirty six Jesus said be always on the watch and pray that you may be able to escape. All that is about to happen and that you may be able to stand before the son of man all right. So we can see the world declining. We can see the focus on the green new deal on saving mother planet. In being part of this huge global ecumenical movement, the Pope just came out and said that that we really need to get to zero missions now and like there's. This there's this necessity that that we've got to save the planet, save the planet, but when I'm on social media, when I'm looking around, I don't see a lot of people saying make much of Christ share the Gospel, encourage people and be aware. Why is the serpent's gentles dubs some interest things interesting? Things are happening. The world the world government is trying to get people to buy into this climate change global warming, whatever the next thing is going to be, but it looks like that in Antarctica they posted their coldest winter posted their coldest winter. Since the records began in the Washington Post, a very liberal newspaper reported it. I says the chill was an exceptional even for the coldest location on the planet. The average champion temperature at the ebenso Scott South Pole station between April September was a minus seventy eight degrees, Fahrenheit wow. so much for global warming, Joe Biden, reverse present trump former present trump's rule that that said, the showerheads can actually put out enough water to take a shower with, and then they put a law in. That said well, you can't have more than two and a half gallons coming out and then present trump reversed. That saying you can have as much as you want well biding, because he's concerned about the end of the world conserving water worshipping the planet. He introduced it so back to not not a lot of water coming out of the shower head. It's it's! This mindset, that's just it's! It's all around right. People are living in fear. The worried about coved, to worry about the end of the world, to worried about just trump supporters and Magahi, whatever everybody's in the news and social media. They keep everybody like anxious, but with last time we went over the great reset, which is from the World Economic Forum. You can look it up at, we form dodor and they go into detail. They meet in Switzerland, Devas Switzerland. You probably heard about a present trump went to this meeting with all the leaders of the world, but they introduced the great reset, which is where the world is supposed to come together, they're supposed to give up their dogmas supposed to forget about the capitalistic system supposed to be open to giving up resources, if you're a wealthy nation to nations that don't have as much and then everybody should get along Cumbia in one of the slogans they have is by two thousand and thirty. They say that he, American citizen or I'm sorry, global citizen. You won't own anything but she'll, be happy. So you're not going to own a house you're not going to need a house or land you're not going to need money and all this stuff and extra, because the government it will take care of you, they'll, provide a house and you can get a ober or lift, and- and so you you can, for the sake of saving the planet. In this, for the sake of unity you're, you want to not consider your religion to be the only way you want to. If you had white skin. Consider the privilege you've had in and be sympathetic to our people of color and be be willing to give up opportunities and just feel bad about yourself, but in the end everybody should acquiesce to the globe the local global government, and then everything will just be fine. They said the catalysts for kicking this off would have to be a great catastrophe and in their own documentation, they're saying Cobi. Nineteen took care of that for him. Covin nineteen allowed them to implement to governments around the world during a shut down. This is a great opportunity for us to fix. The banking systems to read is tribute wealth to get everyone working toward combating climate change, for supporting the Paris accord and all these different, these different or treaties, and not treaties, but just packs and agreements. Of course, China and India and Russia they're not they're the ones plutiny the ears, but they're not actually agreeing to cutting their emissions anytime soon, but we as he as a moral leader, we're willing to try to cut right away matter of fact. I think this is the last year of the lot of the auto makers. In the US are going to produce cars and trucks that run on gasoline everything's going to go electric starting next year. So obviously the question is: Where is the energy going to come from to charge those batteries? But that is a whole another conversation. So you can look in the great reset. Listen the last podcast, but two thousand and thirty is the date over and over again thousand and thirty has a lot to do with banking. So here is what you can look for: Jonet yelling from the feds already saying that we should look into maybe going to like a crypto currency, starbucks and and other restaurants in California, and then a Walmart in Missouri, a friend of mine, told me, you go you go in and says we're short on coins sort of to coins and the banking wants to basically phase out tangible money, so they can go electronic. While the bine administration in the street half tried our stimulus package is trying to force banks to report any activity of six hundred dollars or more at one time taking place inside of a bank to the government, so they can come and check on you. Well, if everything's electronic, they don't have to worry about that, because they'll be monitoring every transaction, then you get like to Sweden, where they are going. There's thousands of people that have put the chip in everything there, everything in their life their driver's license information. Everything is on the chip in their hand. Thousand and thirty is the date they want to have the world all in step with each other. What will require the Christian white patriarchal system has to basically phase out and there's even he's, even one of the spokesmen from the great reset that says United States by thousand and thirty won't be the Super Power, so keep an eye on inflation in the United States, keep an eye on with the bine administrations doing and making us energy and dependent, listen for something called a e S. g score block rock financial is working with all the corporations to get in line. If they want to be part of this global economic system, they have to have a good environmental score with the world, a social justice score and a good governance score. That's how they're going to get rated in the future wow just like China has a social credit score. FACEBOOK has a credit school, a social environment, score on their platform, which atuerie your visibility and reach and they're working on trying to implement something like that in our economic system. Here in the US, where you can get denied loans or access opportunities because of your facebook or twitter, post or activities that you're being monitored on your purchases, and things like that, so two thousand and thirty S to go for that part two. Here we're going to go into the two thousand and thirty agenda for Sustainable Development, United Nations. Okay, before I get into this, I wanted to take a in it here to remind you this. None of this information should be overtly fearful, causing it shouldn't cause you to be fearful. I'm doing this as a Christian talking to you as a Christian or if you're, not a Christian, then I pray. The Lord Calls You, but we need to understand what's coming and if, if you go back to George H, w Bush and Ross pro and the way that all went down with pro going out coming in Clinton took the election from him. But Bush had already started a thousand points like the new old order and I'm not going to get into conspiracy stuff. But you can see the the trend or national debt skyrocketing or moralities in the tank were a boarded. Sixty five million babies. People are pouring in the country. There's a falling away denominations are abandoning the Lord not that they ever knew him, obviously, but they're abandoning the the presence of being Christians. So the United Nations. Here you can go to S D G S, dot, UN dot org. They have seventeen goals in their department of Economic and social affair, Sustainability Department that they want to achieve by two thousand and thirty. According to what they're trying to do. This is United Nations. What they're trying to do the agenda is a plan of action for people, Planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. They say we recognize that eradicating poverty in all forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, is the greatest pobal global challenge and an indispensable requirement of sustainable development. Now here is this is the same and I listen. This is the same terminology that the great reset, which is the power class of the world, that's over there and the United Nations is obviously this evil monstrosity in the US. But listen, there's a word here: All countries and all steak holders stake holders right now in the United States and other countries. If you buy stock you're a shareholder, you invest and you get a very minor equity position with the company with the corporation and then when, if it makes money you get a dividend, you get, you get compensated for taking the risk, but that means that forces a corporation to try to make money, because you only are only investing money because you want to make money in this globalism. This shift away from traditional capitalism. They are pursuing something called equity, global equity in all areas: Racial Equity, justice, equity, environmental, equity. That's why your m say social justice, environmental justice, so they're, saying all countries and all stake holders which is stay colder is anybody that has anything to do with a product or service or a company. So I'll give you an example, man parmer, which is a big social media platform when they set up their website, they had their images and they had their videos hosted on an Amazon server. A server is a big computer that holds a info. That's war websites. All the information is so when you go to website you're, looking at the content on the server, but the the images and the videos were kept. So that way, if you went on, parlor is like an it's like a facebook, and you wanted to watch a video. You would pull it immediately from the AWS server, but the stakeholders who happen to be employees because they have something to do with Amazon and a WS. They estate holders how to say: onif Parlor should be allowed to be on their hosting service because they objected to the conservatives voice the conservative voices on Parlor because they were state holders. They were able to go to management and get them to turn away. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in income a year on one account, because the state holders didn't want them, putting their images or videos on amazons corporate servers and they booted him to see how that works. 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Let Your Voice be heard, live free with the freedom phone and again at check out a freedom, phonecards save to save fifty oars, and thank you so much for staying with me. This is Christian talk and we're going over right now, if you're just joining we're going over the UN agenda, twenty thirty objectives, what what is the United Nations trying to do by thousand and thirty in two thousand and thirty to me is it is- is interesting because the great reset the big financial engine of the world is also shooting to have everything done by two thousand and thirty, and I was going over the Pabo of the United Nations, their goal, but basically to speed this up. All countries and state Colters, acting in a collaborative partnership, will implement this plan. This is all all of the governments should be doing this because they're resolved to free the human race from the tyranny of poverty and want and to heal in to cure the planets were determined to take bold and transformative steps. So here are some of the goals, their determined and poverty. Now people trust in government when they don't want to trust in God, or they don't believe in God. So these disgouted United Nation believes that they are going to be able to end poverty and hungry hungry globally. They are determined to protect the planet from degredation degradation, including through sustainable consumption and production, which basically means you won't be eating meat, your water supply or get cut. Like I spoke about biting put back in the restriction on how much water you can get in your shower they're going to call for zero emissions in all automobiles. They want to go solar and wind, get rid of call to save the planet. Mother Earth who doesn't exist, prosperity, they're, determine to insure all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives, and then economic, social and technological progress occurs globally, in harmony with nature, they're going to they're determined to foster peaceful, just and inclusive societies, peaceful, just inclusive societies, which are free from fear and violence which, by the way that does not include fundamental Christians, because if you're Goin to have inclusive, you can't have anyone that has a moral position about sin is a matter of fact. In the Social Justice Movement Black Lives Matter Movement. They black eyes matter is actually started by three lesbians that are trying to advance black causes and transgender ISM and they reject the the traditional nuclear family of Mom Dad Children and they want women to lead everything and men to basically sit down in shut up. AP Tie White Anti man sound good, no I'll finish up I'll finish with their goals here. Okay, if seventeen goals that they're shooting for no poverty. Now, as I'm as I go through, these try to try to keep in mind what I'm saying is that we're supposed to be aware of the Times but not freaked out about them, were supposed to be looking for the return of Jesus Christ Titus two thirteen. We wait for the glorious appearing of our Great God and Savor Jesus Christ revelation nineteen comes after the rapture, but we know that in the twinkling of an eye- and I can firs Cecilians and Second Corinthians, the church will be removed and the Holy Spirit will be taken out in the world will get to deal with God without any conscience, because the Holy Spirit will be with the church. So that's the next thing that's coming up is the removal of the church, so the world can be judged and then the final refining will take place in the people coming out of the tribulation it gets they get saved will be martyred so that look just look at Goblin ships are getting put in just starting in some countries. Not It's not here, but they're doing it in Sweden and other countries are looking into it. America and other countries are looking to get rid of cash. Go to cryptocurrency. You've got the world economic form, but trying to get the whole world to flat line, get rid of capitalism. Everybody in all countries are working together and the United Nations doing same thing, and the goal is two thousand and thirty for for these groups that are supposed to be independent of each other. So, since there's nothing on here about seeking God re penting asking for the Lord intervene, no, what the government is going to truth was going to do. They want to get it rid of poverty, hunger. They want to make sure, there's good health and well being rolled wide. They when ever you want to be equally educated around the world. They want gender equality around the world. Man Woman by try a LGBT one to three. They will clean water when I say they want they're going to try to make it happen. fordable clean energy world wide decent work, an economic growth, Rold Wide Industry and innovation worldwide reduced any qualities. Sustainable Cities Green: You deal sponsible consumption, production, climate action, life below water means working on the oceans to save the oceans. To save the fish. To save the animals say the animals on land. They want peace, justice and Strong Institutions Huh. What's that a big government to ensure these things happen, and then they think they're going to get partnership from all the different religions and groups and countries to make these things happen. So we need to continue to live with joy, even as were approaching and times the end times. Totos and thirty is going to be interesting if the Lord hasn't raptured us, which very likely he won't by them. If he, if he hasn't, then we'll see what it looks like because right now, there's already hate speed, hate speech, laws in Canada and England in Australia, it's so draconian that you have to take a Selfie if you've been quarantine for Ovid or they'll come beat you up and get you and go put some one of their camps. So so we have. We have which the western Western ized nations that were built on Judeo Christian values, Australia, England, United States that are now have basically especially Australian England churches- are turning into Moss. There is really no involvement of God in the culture, except for the old people that are still going to mass. In the United States, we've got fake churches, we've got weird churches, we got all kinds of falling away taking place, but the cool thing about it is Jesus has overcome the world. We need to be in prayer, we need to be seeking the Lord. We need to be asking for his empowerment, this Holy Spirit, to give us wisdom to be able to share the Gospel as the Times get darker need to be in fellowship, and we need to be. We need to be active and alight. We need to be. We need to be glowing in this darkness as people passing through not getting entangled or attached to the world, because Jesus said, if you love the world, then you're at war or you're, an enemy of God, if the world, through the agenda, O thousand and thirty of the United Nations, by giving your loyalty to the governmental system in the great reset and you're, hoping by two thousand and thirty that with biting bringing in open borders and all these people flooding in and trying to trying to advance critical race theory and all these things and now the FBI is going to be going to school, bore meetings to make sure parents aren't sticking up for their children. There's there's a lot of gabas governmental in Clin infusion into our culture and people because of the lockdown and coming out of it are not realizing there they have bought into the government. Has the vaccines. The government is fair. The government can fix problems. That's why there's there's people so disappointed with the president because he's mismanaging and they really wanted the government to be halling this for us and then the basic universal income and taking care of people and in advancing these social justice issues. The colleges are pouring out Marxist the educate, entertainment platforms or pouring out Marxist and devient people that are into weird sexuality. Pedophilia is growing human trafficking, so there's a lot of stuff happening, but but we're here to we're here to come together as the body of Christ to Minister to people in our families in our neighborhoods to be a light to be an influence to know. What's going on in politics, a wee can vote to try to keep it, make a difference and try. If the Lord Wills to preserve our free speech and our First Amendment and ability to worship freely but always being open to, but let your will be done how you feeling rejoice. Your King is returning soon. We don't know when so, because we've been bought at a price we need to glorify God. We need to lift Christ up that he would draw men unto himself and we need to be ready to give an answer for the hope to lies within us, and we need to not focus on the fear focus on all the bad news. We need to say that's happening, but they're supposed to be a falling away. This is happening you're supposed to be a rejection of Christ. This is happening. Children are going to be in family members are going to be turning on other family members, but don't fear it's a interesting situation ran because this is not our home, but we want to. We want to live in peace here, and we want to love people. We want to be an encouragement, so it's like it's like visiting somewhere as ambassadors, but you you don't really fit in with the culture but you're trying to still tell people what your king or your president wants, but they're not really getting it, because it's different and it's a you feel like you've, got the right message, but you're just still trying to figure out how to connect. But it's not up to us. Fortunately, because God does, God calls people, we just have to be ready and be willing and then do his bidding when it's his timing, and that is how things roll so hey, that's it. That is a living with joy, even as the EN times approach. So open you up to speed a tle bit on some of the terminology and what's going on, but just keep worshipping, keep looking for Jesus of return check on my website, Christian talk, Dot, life and I'll see you guys to molto