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Oct. 15, 2021

Christians Don‘t Support Illegal Immigration

Christians Don't Support Illegal Immigration By "Economic Refugees"

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Christians Don't Support Illegal Immigration By "Economic Refugees"


Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life, a podcast for Christ, drink faith, family political issues. Using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours that are light shine before others, so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Tom. Welcome to Christian talk. Thank you so much for joining me again. My name is are Thompson I'm out here in California it is Thursday October Fourteenth Two thousand and twenty one. If you want to get information on our podcast her head over to our website Christian talk, Dot Life Christian talked out life. You can hear all the podcast see the videos and articles I've written a Christian talked out life. Today, we're going to go over immigration, we're going to go over an atter like three three or so questions about when liberals and social justice activist run to the Old Testament of the Bible which they abhor normally and then even into the new testament trying to grab a verse from Jesus or so the we're going to talk about did the Old Testament period when Israel was wandering around as nomadic people as a nation, did they whaol when a sojourner or a stranger or a worker, when somebody would just walk up into this crowd walking through the desert? Would that be the same thing as somebody, an economic immigrant leaving Saudi Arabia coming up through Mexico up through our border, without going through the proper process? The same would that be? Would that be something that Christians should embrace within the socio legal settings of our country? What on legal alien? What's an emigrant who's who's on a work visa and how? What? How does somebody get to be and have a Green Card or status? In other words? Is there a equivalent to back then and now, and why would people who hate the Bible? You know the Old Testament. It's a massage ynis IC, cruel, baby, killing terrible ego centric deity. Until they want to have a legal immigration, then they go try to pull some verses out. So well we're going to go over that, but before we jump into the scriptures, let's, let's try to. Let's try to reason this out and then we're going to go through the just the basics of protecting family and then, when we get into the the individual to the family unit up to the to the government, then we'll look at how should we treat illegal aliens? Okay, Roman thirteen says that we, that God is the one that is just establishes governments and the laws they pass, are to punish the evil doers and to protect the innocence. So they help the innocent people and they they punish the evil doers trying to get law in order. We are told to be peaceable good citizen. So we would then follow the laws as long as they're, not in direct conflict with what God says. Thus, the immigration laws in say that you cannot help aid in a bed in a legal alien. It's illegal to help a legal people it all so Christians in the United States, with the government established by God, who passed immigration laws according to the constitution, then should defend and honor the laws that are on the books when it comes to individual lives. Do you lock your car? If you're a single person, do you lock your car? Do you lock your doors on your apartment or House? Do you keep a weapon or something with you? If you're going through dark alleys, are you trying to preserve your life, because if so, would that be kind of if you're, a liberal and you're saying that everybody should help illegal aliens? You know the ones you know we hear the stories and you can see them in the news where girls on a l, a jog in Iowa and illegal alien, chases or down rapeseed kills. Her is that, okay, though, because we're supposed to you know, take the risk and and and let millions of people come in, not knowing who they are so then that girl died and what? If? What? If? What? If I, with my wife and children, what if I would have left the doors open it's in knowing that people were coming into town in some of them? I want to do harm and I leave the door open, because I want to make sure that they feel welcome. I don't know who they are. They broken the laws to get in the country, but who am I to to not want to treat them like me? Would that be reasonable to allow them to have access to my wife and children and my resources and could possibly do as harm? Of course, not first Timothy five eight says give the structions to the believers so that they will be a bube reproach. If any one does not provide for his own and especially his own household, he has denied the faith in his worse than an unbeliever. If we don't take care of ourselves and protect ourselves being wisest serpents gentle as doves and we don't take care of our household and then we don't care about who's running across our border that could be terrorist or anybody else. Then we are. We are foolish people that are not supposed to look at nomadic situations where strangers could walk up into a mob a people walking through the desert and tried to equate that and we'll go through stories and examples that can each up where the Farol they would require like visa paperwork. Back then, thousands of years ago, when Israel wanted to leave Sini and go through the land tortice, they asked for permission which was denied, and so they went around yeah. But what about Darlin versus well we'll get to him, but keeping keep in mind like bill. Like franking Franking, Graham said you know this immigrant commode day. IMIGRATE is not a biblical issue as in you can't compare back then to now, and the people try to Hey Jesus Christ, they're, not Christians, and they definitely hate the Old Testament, and so, but now they want to try to use it when it's expedient for them when it when it might help their cause. And it's it's really blaspemous. It is it's absurd patients, five, twenty eight! In the same way, husbands love your wives as they love their own bodies who loves his wife, loves himself. Indeed, no one hated his own body, but nurses and churches it just as Christ as the church men would die for their wives. The last thing you would do was let people come into your house and your car not protect the family, not take not take steps to make sure that they were as protected as possible and we'll go over a few verses. Before we go to our first break here, I'm going to I'm going to give you some of the verses that that people who who don't believe the Bible are going to try to use these and keep in mind. Can we contrast. Nomadic people wandering with today so here's here's how they'll approach it get around me to nineteen. You shall also love the stranger for you were strangers in the land of Egypt hm. Let's see have we been wandering. No, we came over on boats so kind of different, and then we establish borders and then we have military. Then we have immigration laws yeah, okay! Well then, that probably is not going to work. Let's see here a first chronicle six. Sixteen nineteen through twenty two when there were a few, a number of little flock the strangers in the land wandering from nation and nation from one kingdom to another people. He allowed none, no one to oppress them. He rebuked kings and their account saying do not touch my anointed ones. Do my prophets no harm or economic refugees trying to flood in our country from a hundred fifty different nations. Are we God's elect nation where God has is protecting us from harm? No? And it goes on and on Ezekiel Forty seven, twenty two you shall allotted as an inheritance for yourselves and for the aliens who reside among you. These are people like green cart holders once it went to the process among you have begotten children among you. They shall beat you as citizens of Israel with you. They show inherit an Lotment of inheritance among the tribes. They went through the sojourner to working to earning and then to be considered like the citizens, our immigration laws function the same way if somebody comes up to the border and they're, not economic refugees, because after the break, I'm going to explain to you that even the United Nations globally does not recognize the right for economic immigrants or refugees branching into a country. That's what coming up to our border. Very very, very few were actually legitimate asylum seekers. Governor Rabbit in Texas says that the home man security, the ones they are catching and documenting them releasing over a hundred and fifty different countries have been represented this year, we're going to have two million. Actually, I think we just had two million in the last fiscal year, legal aliens that were actually processed that doesn't include the maybe two to three million that we're not even caught that are floating around the country. We don't know who they are Alcaide Amos. Are they pedophiles? Do we have the cartel? Do we have human trafficers? A we have drugs course course of course course. But people are going to try to use all testament verses, dealing with nomadic people walking around a desert to say you should have wide open borders and let them in because you should love the alien. No, that's not what Christians do again. Individuals were supposed to be as wise as servants general as doves take care of ourselves when we have families. If we love ourselves, then we're going to love our spouse and we're going to treat them like we would treat ourselves and our children and protect and protect and protect and nurture. The country has established immigration laws to keep a about people out, lost to punish when bad people get in, and then we have now a godless administration who is ignoring all of the laws and the protections and letting people pour in the country. We as Peaceable Christians are supposed to honor the laws that were there. They were written by men and women that actually loved our country, and now we have a godless people up there, they're saying you guys, shut up we're not going to enforce the laws, but you still have to pass. You still have to follow all the laws that we give you, but we're going to use prosecutor discretion and we're going to ignore the laws when it comes to letting these people pour in the country from unknown locations, because they want a better job. They want better shoes and they want a better lifestyle and they heard that America will hook them up with those. So we get back in a break gointo go over this actual scenario. Should we should we, as a nation which is trying to not be Christian to a lot of people, try to take all testament verses and then I'll go over a couple New Testament, where they're twisting them like a pretzel and in the end we're all son donee. No Christians should love people when we have when they're in our presence, but we do not encourage or help people that are coming here to make more money. That is not typical Christianity. 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We got to get gift this all squared away here, because we cannot have millions and millions of people pouring in and then, when all the crimes are committed, then people look around Oh who's, whose fault is it yeah? Somebody killed my family? Well, then, how do they get justice? Well, you know they were trying to help the legal aliens in the board and now we're supposed to do this, and now that's not how it works. So I have an article here from the Centers for Immigration Studies and they break this down pretty good here, Kasa Jack Hop Meyer. He wrote a book about this called the Immigration Crisis, immigrant aliens in the Bible, crossway books, two thousand and nine or three questions that were going to go over. was there such a thing as a territorial sovereignty in the second linum was in BC, when people run back to the Old Testament to try to use these verses like here's, some more of the verses are going to try to use we're talking four thousand three thousand four thousand years ago. Oh, let's see here jam mile, if you for, if you truly amend your ways and your doings, if you truly act justly one with another now this is for the Jewish people. Talk when sin to each other. This isn't aliens, but Dennis says if you do not oppress the alien, the orphan and the widow and shed inocent blood in this place and go after other gods, and I will dwell with you- God says in the land of your ancestors the aliens, the one that were sojourners would come in and then they would be turned away or they would leave. And then you had some of them. That would actually be accepted in because of their talents, and then they would earn their way into like a green card citizenship. But if we go all the way back to when these verses are being written, then let's see- let's see his. He answered that regarding the first question, which was: was there such a thing as to territorial sovereignty? He said the answer is unequivocally yes: Small nations, small and large had clearly recognizable borders back then, when these Bible verses were being written and typically like the warring Egyptians and the Pharaohs, and all them would establish their borders with valleys, rivers and mountain ranges. But he said as as an archaeologist, he said, words were fought over the boundary lines where they would be drawn and Florets were strategically placed on the frontiers, to defend the territory and to monitor movements of the pastoralist permits akin to the modern visa were issued to people entering another land. In the tomb of Canuma TEP, governor of Central Egypt, eighteen sixty five B C, a band of four travelers, are shown before the governor. An official presents him with the permit or a visa, which spells out there's thirty. Seven people from Syria, Canaan that were allowed to come in in the recent excavation in North Cina, has revealed a pair of additional forts at Tell Boa two miles: east of the the Suez Canal, another one three miles from there and on toad for teen and fifty to twelve hundred B C, where they were carefully examining who was coming into Egypt, the Israelites when they left Egypt, okay, they respected sovereign territory. So Moses and the Hebrews lived in a nomadic existence for forty years in by Mount Syani. Since no country, not even Egypt. In those days that claimed homogeny or had taken that land over over this part of the peninsula, the Hebrews moved freely and required no permission from anybody, but once they left Syani and needed to pass to eat em in southern Jordan, they asked for permission in numbers: Twenty Fourteen through twenty one member. This is when people are saying, be nice to the alien, take them in and don't care about borders. Everybody should run around numbers. Twenty Fourteen, through twenty one moses sent messengers from Kadesh to the king of Beatum, thus say to your thus says your brother Israelite. We are in Kadesh a country on the edge of your territory. Please let us pass through your land. We will not pass through a field or vineyard or drink water from a well. We will go along the king sideway. We will not turn aside to the right of the left until we have passed through your territory, but ed m said to him. You shall not pass through. Lest I come out with the sword against you all the People Biza said him. Well, we will go up by the highway and, if we drink in of your water, I am my life stalk and I will pay for it. Just let us pass to one foot, nothing more and he said you shall not, so Israel turned away and didn't go into the land HMM. Secondly, what's a dere between a stranger and an alien, the Bible has different terms: okay, a stranger Sojourner, an alien and a foreigner. There's several episodes in the Bible. Little Straight to foreigner becomes a green card holder, a girl. The individual of the Party has received permission from the appropriate authorities in a particular culture going up to our border asking to be considered filling out. The paper were coming through at the right time and then, once you prove yourself, if it makes sense for the nation, you can earn citizenship, and this reminds me of been the book of Genesis. There was a famine in the sense of Jacob they're running out of food they're like well. We better go to Egypt, where this fertil land- and we know our brothers there but he's mad at us, but we've got to get some food, and so even though their brother is the number two person in the land, they still went to the Pharaoh and said: Can we have permission to settle in your land? Please genesis forty seven three through six and they said to Pharaoh deezer the Israel either this the seventy members of the Israeli start up your servants or shepherds and our fathers, as our fathers were, and they said to Parel. We have come to sojourn we've. Come we've come to cook to go through your land for there's no pasture for your servants locks for the famines severe and now please can we go? Can we go from a sojourner and new? Can we now? Can we settle down as servants can we can we become green card holders and the Pharaoh said of Joseph you and your father and your brothers they've come to you in the lab of Egypt is before you saddle them in the best part of the land. So we noticed that they that they declare their intention to sojourn and deferential. They ask, then, when we find what where we can settle, can we stay and they were given permission. GIRS IS THE G R S second story, illustratie permission or imitation to a foreigner to reside in a foreign land resulted in Moses becoming a sojourn or stranger an alien. So when Moses fled after killing the Jew, the the Egyptian that was killing the Jewish people, he killed him, he took off and then he went in to a land as a sojourner, and then he helped out some women that were being harassed and then the father of them said Hey. Who is this guy and then he went from sojourner to well. You can stay if you take care of my herd so you're coming to me, I'm called you came, you came to me, you presented, I said yes, you then can earn your way into citizenship. You see the pattern here, and this is the Old Testament. But here is what they'll do here is what the people do. Well, we got a Jesus says. Truly, I say to you, as you did to the least of my brothers you did to me. I was hungry. You gave me food, I was thirsty. You gave me drink. I was a stranger and you welcome me see, contribute to the needs of the Saints Extend Hospitality to the strangers. We do that in our laws or migration laws. We do that when people are in the country, if they're struggling, they go to churches, they go to food banks. If we, if we know somebody and we can bless them with a meal, then out of our own internal love- that comes from God, we help people, but this idea that there's this universal, ignoring of every structure, everything that was set up by God, who established the government in our country, is just lunacy. You cannot take the Old Testament and you cannot take the way Christians are supposed to treat each other because most of the the New Testament was Christians dealing with Christians, but as we meet people that are lost that are not saved, and then God moves in our hearts, then we help them. So let's tie this all together. God Is Love, God saves us as Christians and if you're truly saved, then we want to bless people as people come across our path as we are protecting ourselves, protecting our families protecting or were being good stewards. Then, in our system here, which is not an nomadic culture which, even when they roamed they asked for permission, but we meet people. If they're in need honest need, then we help them individually, but for our government to have established laws and for people who we don't know who they are with various backgrounds to be allowed to enter in intent than to go through the land, hurting people taking resources when they're most of them are doing it. For economic reasons and I'll finish with this, even the United Nations, when they use a term migrant worker. It says here in wikipedia economic migrants are generally not eligible for asylum. There is no such thing as an economic asylum. Therefore, they don't fall within the criteria for refugee status and they're not entitled to Receive International Protection over the economic refuge, an invested a and they say an economic repetees, the person who leaves his or horror his or her home in search of better jobs and higher standard of living. That is not what, in that is not what a true refuge he is. A refuge is somebody that has been forced out by threat. People have died there in a starvation like when the Jews had to go to Egypt because they had no food and they were going to die. They truly had to for survival purposes, go and request permission and aid for other from another country. That is how it's supposed to work, letting people run into our country because they want better genes, better televisions and they want free school and free medical has nothing to do with Christians, taking care of aliens taking care of people, because these people aren't coming starving. They are not people that that came here, becot a desperation. That's why I like less than ten percent of the people, actually get asylum if they, if they ask for it the way it should go. In my opinion, I think it's biblical. We send out missionaries. The United States of America sends out hundreds of billions of dollars, an aid. Why aren't we sending people and supporting missionaries and supporting groups that go into Al Salvador and Guatemala into these foreign countries and help them learn how to grow crops and get clean water? Why aren't we helping them if they're truly rep, if they're truly needing help helping them locate in their regions instead of busting them, like they different Syria up to Sweden and to France and Italy, now we're having all kinds of problems with cultural differences, rapes and everything else? That is how that's compassion the church in those countries give them resources, keep them in prayer and they can, minister to the people not saying come on in a hundred and fifty different countries, you come in as you are, and we will hook you up and give you stuff. That is not what Christians should be endorsing and if you think you should be, I'm confused open your bibles pray and just let God do God's Goin to do, because we don't have control of it. We are supposed to be good citizens so, but having open borders and people pouring in is not typical Christianity and loving aliens. So, thank you so much I'll talk to you to moll