Welcome To Christian Talk With Eric Thompson
Feb. 18, 2022

Christian Talk - Who Are God’s Children? The Awesome Doctrine Of Election.

Christian Talk - Who Are God’s Children? The Awesome Doctrine Of Election.

Christian Talk - Who Are God's Children? Learn About The Awesome Doctrine Of Election
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Christian Talk - Who Are God's Children? Learn About The Awesome Doctrine Of Election



Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life. A podcast for Christ I bring faith, family political issues, using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours. Let our light shine before others so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson. Hi, welcome to another Christian talk podcast. Thank you so much for joining me. My name is Ark Thompson. I am out here in California, robbrary, Eighteen, two thousand and twenty two. If you want to get hold of me, head over to the website Christian talk thought life, Christian talk dot life to get it off the contact form. If you have ideas for the show, you can sign up for the newsletter, listen to some of the other podcasts, download them or read some of the articles Christian talk dot life. On today's podcast we're going to go over election and the thing about the election of God and for his elect is exciting and hopefully I get this idea cross to you throughout the podcast. What I've learned with over three decades walking with the Lord and to someone who had grown in my understanding of God. Obviously because if you're in prayer and in the word and in fellowship, you will you will grow, you won't be an infant anymore. Is that God doesn't have high expectations of our actual the results of our efforts, but he does require us to be holy as he is, wholly knowing we can't be, which then our frailty draws us back to the cross and in a prayer. God is sovereign. God decided he was going to make the moon, the stars, the heavens earth the way he wanted it for his glory. Before he made anything, he also determined I'm going to have at church. I'm going to have the elect I'm going to have believers, people that I love that I will demonstrate my love by my son dying on a cross form. But I'm going to have millions and millions and millions of people over world history that are going to be called before birth. That would be that I would use as instruments of showing my glory to a world that likes darkness. So I'm going to save them out of the darkness because I love them. That is what election is. Most of the world is born with the propensity or desire to not come because they're not called. Think of it this way. Think of it as a thousand people, thousand people on the titanic, and there's enough room on the boats for three hundred. And the three hundred people know I should get on the boats, I should go, and the rest are like, I don't want to go, I'd like it here. I liked the way I'm living, I like my sin, I like my darkness. The three hundred didn't know why they really were called to the boats. They just felt like it. Something's happening here, and so they were saved. The beautiful thing of the election of God is those that are as that are called then become children of God and then they love God and they demonstrate their love to the world and their lights to the world and they don't carry the burden of saving people because they can't say people, but they are told by their Lord be prepared to give an answer through Peter. Love people, serve people, be a light when you believe and are born from above. That's why it says in Phlippians that God works all things out for good to those who love him, to those who are the called according to his purpose. Take Comfort today. You can't be taken away from God. You are a child of God. You were chosen before you were created to be loved by God. So even if you're having a bad time, if you have a if you if you know someone having a bad time, but you know they're truly saved. Jesus said, I'll never leave you nor forsake you. He can't because he chose you before you were even created to be part of the family of God forever. Now, as we go through the scriptures, the hard part for Americans is that everything in the culture is about I self. But then there's also a part of the culture that's like, well, yeah, I want to be left alone, I want to be happy, but I also I want to be I want what everybody else gets. I don't want to be a team player, I don't don't want to contribute, I don't want to invest in other people, I don't want to be loving. I reject God, but I want to go to heaven to will you do. Well, let me tell you the Gospel. Why don't believe that? Well, if Jesus said I am the only I am the way, the truth in the life, and nobody comes to the father on us. That comes to me. But yeah, well, that's your opinion. There's multiple ways to God. You must have stained from sexual fornicate. No fornication, you can't sleep around, can't do drugs, don't don't take away my fun. See, Jesus told his disciples you did not choose me, I chose you. It's reiterated over like an ax. One thousand, three hundred and forty eight. It describes salvation in these words. As many were appointed to eternal life, appointed to eternal life. Ephesians one four through six notes that God shows us in Christ, before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love, he predestined US for adoption to Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will, to the praise of his glorious grace with which he has blessed us in the beloved. It's a comforting thing to know that God loves you. Romans fibate says God demonstrated his loven this that, while we were sinners, Christ had died for us. He died so today I want you to as we go through the scriptures, just keep us in mind God created the universe. He created everything according to his will, for his good pleasure. For his glory, God chows a nation to show himself strong, through which would in which the Messiah would come through the Savior of the world. He chose Israel, he says. Christians in the New Testament are God's chosen ones. Even has, according to first time, of the five hundred and twenty one holy angels that are referred to as elect angels. So God, as he was creating everything, set aside his elect his elect world, his elect nation, is elect angels, and his children that were to be born, who would be part of the family before they had any had done anything good or bad. They're part of the elect and it's an exciting thing. But if you can grab this fact that God loves you and he made you and he saved you and he's keeping you then and you are to go out and then love people for him, then you'll understand election. If you get refu get wrapped up into this Americanized way of everybody should get a participation trophy, even though most of the kids did nothing. They didn't work out, they didn't try, they didn't think about the sport, they didn't tell any they didn't do anything, but yet they still okay. The game's over. I want a trophy too. If that's your mindset, then you have to you have to remember that God's ways are not our ways and you need to say my me individually is praising God, because I believe I confess with my mouth after being called and I am saved, then I am to be God's hands and feet to a world that's struggling and suffering, to give them the Gospel when they ask, but to be ministering to people. And the whole time I can walk boldly and entered God's presence because I am a child of God. Thus, Yahweh, the only true God is my Abba Father, and I can ask for God's help. I can praise Jesus Christ for the Cross and for dying for me and that he sent a helper, the Holy Spirit, to dwell in me to help me walk through this life. I just turned fifty four and I can tell you, as you're walking with the Lord, you at some point. To me it was when I was fifty one. The light clicks on. We're not here very long. We're walking, we're walking through a short journey and what you do with your time will affect those rewards of talks about in the beamsty judgment for being faithful to the works that God set before us, but also to realize that soon, very soon, we're going to see the king that you know what, I loved as much as I could love in a godly sense. I was I helped people and I love my family and my children are grandchildren, but it was all for God's glory in the end. When you get that, then you can pray, you can ask God to save people, you can ask for the words and you just stay faithful to your king. But then you leave it to God because you have to live out your calling as believers, as a believer, even while you're praying for God to move on People's hearts, from people that you hope are part of the elect to so the tension is you have to say, Hey, I know you guys, you don't like to talk about the elect my friends and the in the Lord, but you can't get around it. And will go through some scriptures. But the whole idea is not that God is is trying to punish all the time. He God has his people, just like he has his nation. He has his angels that He created to respond for his glory in the end. And then if you say, well, how do I know if I'm the elector how do somebody know? Because they're going to seek God in the only reason someone can only way someone can see God, is because God's calling them, because you can't come to God as a dead person in in your flesh. You have to be quickened, you have to be drawn and then your heart gets regenerated and you believe because you understand the love of God, you understand the Cross and it's a beautiful thing and it should take any type of pressure you have off, because it's all about God. God does everything. Let's go through some scriptures here, firse Peter, one hundred and ten a see nine through one hundred and eleven. But whoever lacks these traits is near sighted to the point of blindness, having forgotten that he has been cleansed from his past sins. Therefore, brothers, strive to make your calling and election sure, for if you practice these things, you will never stumble. What things? Seeking God, spending time in his word, being in prayer, Sharing Matthew, for example, Matthew Fourteen, Jesus said, many are called, but few were chosen. Romans twenty nine, for God's gifts and his call are irrevocable. Versussonians one four brothers who are beloved by God. We know that he has chosen you, and that's why spurge and said that. Thomas Watson said this earlier too. I said this also. Christians, you, who were vessels of election, were by nature as wicked as others, but God had compassion on you. Im plucked you as brands out of the fire. He stopped you in your course of sinning when you were marching to hell. He turned you back to him by sincere repentance. Oh, here is the banner of love displayed over you. All of us, on our own, like I says and Isaiah Rasheep, we would go astray. But God won't let that happen, because he made you for good works, he made you for salvation and he made you to spend eternity with him. Why, Jesus? Jesus said, I go away to prepare a place for you, and if I prepare a place, I will come back and take you with me. My first sponsor. I have two no brainers. Do me a favor write these down. 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Election God's working out good for those who are called according to his purpose. It's an exciting thing. It's something that you are to embrace because it's true and it's hard for some people. Again, and I want to keep balancing this out, because you may be trying to scratch your head. It's all over scriptures, but churches, some churches there's hesitant to teach it. To give you an idea, night chapter of Romans. It talks about the elective purpose of God and God's progative is clearly displayed when it says that before Esau and Jacob were born, not on the basis of anything that they had done, but according to God's own free will and uninfluenced, sovereign purpose. It says that God is says Esau, Jacob. I loved Esau, I hated before they were born, had done anything. Yet I love Jacob and I hate he saw. Now Paul had to answer this over, he had to say that's unfair right to Paul had to say gives been in Romans twenty because he says, who are you, Oh man, to answer back to God, and this is this is something that that people have to be told. It's like it says in James that does does the pot say to the potter? Don't make me this. We trust in God because God is good, God is holy and God is loving. But what happened with Jacob and Hesa? He Saws, Jacob would was seeking after God and he saw, hated God. He saw, did everything he could to make his parents angry, his parents miserable. He's he gave away his birth right, he gave away his leadership position and that in the tribe, in the family. Over a bowl of soup stew yeah, I don't care, you can have it. I don't want to be spiritually responsible, I don't want to be financially responsible for these people, even though it's my birth right, it's my responsibility. I'm rejecting everything that I was called to do. Out of he saw we get the Edomites because he had red hair, red stew. Edomites were enemies of Israel, God's chosen nation. Okay, let's go through some more scriptures here. Some people say, well, is a doctrine of election, biblical John macarter says the doctrine of election simply means that God, uninfluenced by before creation, predetermined certain people would be saved. Unconditional election of the word is another word for this doctrine. Unconditional lecture, God teaches a God chooses sinners who will be saved and that it is an act completed by God alone. So Romans eight thirty three, who will bring a charge against God's elect God is the one who justifies titus one one Paul, a Bond Servant of God, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, for the faith of those chosen of God and the knowledge of the truth, which is, according to Godliness, I was taught as a young Christian that God chooses everybody and everybody can come into the party, everybody can come to salvation, and it's simply a matter of time when people one day wake up and go, I love my sin and I wallow in it, but all the sudden I feel like being a Christian. And then they need to. Christians will seek them out. Tell him something and they will go and believe. Look at the world. Well, first you look at scripture and then you pray and you look at scripture and then the Holy Spirit will guide you and then you look at the world and tell let me not. Let me ask you. Does the world in General One god? Because says in Romans that no one truly seeks after God. Of Not one person wakes up excited to go find God on their own. No one truly seeks after God. All of Sind and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death, but cautions three twelve says, so as those who have been chosen of God, holy and Beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. This is true reformed theology. Some reform people I met don't love people, which is a bad sign for their true election. If you're truly saved and called, then we are chosen by God, holy and beloved, and we put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. So God chooses who will be saved for his own glory versus his own purposes. Like Ephesians one, for couldn't be more clear about this. Just as he chose us in him, just says God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world, that we would be holly and blameless before him. Again, Efvisians one, for millions of people can walk joyfully thus ministered to people because God chose them before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless before him. Verse Peter One to according to the foreknowledge of God and the father. Now let me stop there. I was told wasn't in the Bible, but I was told it because it made sense as an American, that God before God, being outside of time, like the Rose Bull Parade, could look down and see who would believe. That's see, but go in and cause them to believe. I thought, well, I make that's kind of fair, isn't it? Okay, everybody has a chance. Everybody's in the game, and then God has billions of people to keep track of and to figure out who's doing the right works or who would be a good candidate for the kingdom. So I believe that. But then I start living and I start seeing people, and then scriptures didn't start to say what they were telling me. So I went from a church planner in churches that believe that and in start ups to thinking about people around the around the world. Some people get saved and all it is is they're looking for God, they're looking at this, they're looking at the world, and then a missionary comes and says this is who, this is the God you're looking for. I believe. Wait a minute, you didn't. We didn't do a colosseum for you, we didn't do loud we didn't do music, we didn't get you emotionally driven. Why do you believe? Because I just know in my heart. I'm something's drunk. I just know. First Peter One hundred and twenty, for he was foreknown before the foundation of the world, but has appeared to us in these last times for the sake of you, and again John Jesus said in John Fifteen sixteen. You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask and of my father and my name, he will give you. And then John One, twelve, thirteen. But as many as received him, the people called they believe, it says, that he gave them the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in his name, who were born not a blood, nor of his will, nor of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. Again, but as many who received him, not because of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God. And one more second. Second. That'Sonians thirteen. But we should always give thanks to God for you, Brethren, beloved by the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation through sanctification by the spirit, faith in the truth. Let me think. Here's some here's an Old Testament, one psalm five. Behold, I was brought forth an iniquity. In my sin, my mother can siege me, but in Romans Five, Abe a covered it earlier. God demonstrates his love in this. The while we were sinners, Christ died for us. How do we tie this all together? God is sovereign. Romans and twenty, when people just wouldn't. People don't like the way that God does things. They don't like the fact that God can choose Israel and not choose other nations. They don't like the fact they just they want. They wanted to be they want to be fair. They wanted to be where everybody gets a chance. They wanted to be Americanized. But Paul, knowing what people would say through the Holy Spirit, when it said Jacob, I loved and Esan hated, when they had not done anything, and have we're not even born yet. Sat on the contrary, who are you, O man who answers back to God? The things molded will not say to the MOLDER. Why did you make me like this? Will it? John? Thirty seven, all that the father gives me or calls to me, calls to believe the one and the one who comes to me. I will certainly not cast out Visians too. Eight, for by grace you've been safe through faith and naughty yourselves, you nothing to do with it as a gift to God. Romans Eight, twenty, nine to thirty. Last two here for those he foreknew, he predestined to become conformed into the image of his son, so that he would be the first born among the brethren that and these whom he predestined, he also called, and those he called the also justified. In those he justified, he also glorified. Lastly, of Asians One and eleven through twelve. Also, we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined, according to his purpose, for works of all things, after the council of his will, to the end that we, who were the first to hope in Christ, would be to the praise of his glory. Well, more time, of Asians one, eleven through twelve. Also, we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to his purpose. who works all things out together for good? Right, it says, but here works all things out after the council of his will, not the will of the saved. Our Hope is in Jesus Christ and his finished work on the cross. Our confidence is in the fact that, before God made anything, those who believe, those who were called, were chosen and good works re laid out in advance. For us, and because we are the chosen, created, predestined children of God. We have no right to be proud in ourselves because we didn't do anything. Humility is what God requires, because we must be humble because we don't believe because of anything that we did. We did. We, as believers in Christ, didn't do anything special different than people who don't believe. When we recalled, we responded and then we heard the Gospel and we believed. We confess with our mouth. We understood God's love. We then get in God's word in prayer. We Love God because he first loved us. Then we grow in love and then we are then, for God's glory, the Church, ministering to the world, bringing glory to God, and when we die we are the bride of Christ for eternity, and it's a glorious thing and it's something that you that you embrace as a true Christian. In my exhortation as you, for you, is don't get caught up with this. Don't get caught up in debating the topics, because I did for years. Don't don't be proud that you're the elect when it comes to I am better than people because I am part of the elect know, the election was God's plan to bring him glory was not God's plan to bring you glory, but embrace it. You have confidence knowing that you're in that you were loved. You've been loved from your the thought of you. You've been loved and God is working it through your life and and you're going to heaven and then you pray for the lost and you're available. So don't run away from your election, but don't be boastful in your being elect and I think you'll have the right balance with God's predestined choice of you as a child of God. And I don't know about you, but I think, I think it is an overwhelmingly beautiful thing to be part of the family of God and to be loved, to be walked through this life. And my my whole purpose, and your purpose should be, is to be available and to watch God work through our lives, and that is the election of God. And rejoice today that you are part of the elect but it's all for Christ and it's all for his glory and May it always be that way in your life and then you will be able to live a life that makes a difference for the kingdom and for eternity. So thank you so much for listening today. My second sponsor, my pillowcom. Please write down the Promo Code One more time. FLS. This is my second no brain or pure talk. Save Your family a bunch of money on your self service without changing anything but the SIM cards and who you pay each month. You can also go to get pure talkcom. That should get you over there. But either way, get over to pure talkcom. Use a Promo Code fls. My Pillow Promo Code fls. I love their pillows, Mike's Pillows, Michelandel. I love is mattress topper. I love is sheets, Giza sheets, very soft, high quality, awesome products. 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