Welcome To Christian Talk With Eric Thompson
March 26, 2022

Christian Talk Political - USA In Moral Decline. Radical To Join Supreme Court.

Christian Talk Political - USA In Moral Decline. Radical To Join Supreme Court.

Christian Talk Political - USA In Moral Decline. Radical To Join Supreme Court. Schools Advancing LGBT.
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Christian Talk Political - USA In Moral Decline. Radical To Join Supreme Court. Schools Advancing LGBT.



Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life. All podcast for Christ I bring faith, family political issues, using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours. Let our light shine before others so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson. Hi, welcome to another Christian talk podcast. It's Rote a March tw two thousand and twenty two. My name is our Thompson, about in California. This is our daily copy with Christians podcasts where we go through a book of the Bible, pull out a couple main things there and share some other scriptures to encourage us, to challenge us, to bless us, to lead us toward lives that bring much joy and much honor to Jesus Christ. This has been a difficult week for me as a political writer, because I write articles about the world pretty much every day. So on on that that sense of my week it's not good because things are not going well, at least from my point of view. But the couraging thing is, and I when we did some some church plants up in the bay area, San Francisco, Bay area, San Jose that area. I used to say, even as a pretty successful salesperson, the only time that I know I'm right one hundred percent of the time is that if I'm quoting scripture, not my commentary on scripture, if I'm quoting scripture, if I'm reading scripture, and then that's always right. If you listen to pastors or if you go to a church where the pastor's cool, talks a lot about himself, talks a lot about those scriptures but doesn't actually read and get into the Bible with you, I would leave because here is the thing. The by the Bible says it. God's word will not return void does not say God's that Man's commentary on God's word, which some preachers have allowed the cancel. Culture won't culture, political culture, to to this justice culture, to try to commingle with the scriptures and then make it say something that it doesn't. God's not a respecter of persons. God's not into the walk culture. God is immutable. He doesn't change, he's never change. He's not going to change because there's a new social justice movement that people think should be supported. You. God is not all the sudden saying, Oh, you guys are for transgender people. Now we're going to go ahead and change. No, if you want to check, I have a t shirt that you can get. I'm wearing. I'm we're actually wearing it right now. God's not progressive. He doesn't change. He's immutable. You can go to GNP dot world if you want to see. It's ten dollars if you want to get one to but GNP for God's not progressive. Dot World. But as we go through the scriptures again today, that's just keep in mind that those who are called out, the Christians, the Christ followers, the real ones, the ones that have been called have responded by faith, who confess, who share the Gospel, who had the the fruit of the spirit in their life. We are in a world that's in darkness and we are the lights in the darkness, in the Holy Spirit works through us. But in the end, revelation, nineteen in on till the end of book of revelation, we see they reclaiming and the establishment of the eternal heaven and earth by our Lord and Savy Jesus Christ, where they'll be no need for lights because he will be the light of the world. We're not there yet. We are in darkness. We have a falling away taking place, but be encouraged because we are saved. One of the struggles I have as a political writer and then going and then doing this as sometimes I get down, really down, about the condition of the world, that of America, the nation I love, but then I have to go over to Psalm one hundred and three, one through six. So let's start here today, the Psalm of David, where he's praising for the Lord's Mercies, he's praising God for his mercies. Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within me. Bless God's holy name, bless the Lord, Oh my soul, my soul, he sang. Don't forget all of God's benefits. God forgives all your iniquities, he heals all your diseases, he redeems your life from destruction from Hell. He Crown owns is Christ followers as Christians, crowns us with loving kindness and tender mercies, and he satisfies our mouths with such things, good things. So we're renewed, you know, like on Eagles Wings, where we're we're flying, we are we are alive, we are we're making a difference, the Lord Executes Righteousness and Justice for all who are oppressed. In my daily reading I'm in Hebrews and I'm also going through proverbs three, so I want to do a little bit what Solomon was telling us son in proverbs three. He said, my son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments for length and days and years of life and peace. They will then be added to you. Do not let kindness and truth leave you buying them around your neck. Write them on a tablet of your heart, so you will find favor and a good reputation in the sight of God and man here in this verse. You know, but please really listen to it. This is the wisest man outside of Jesus Christ, who is a son of God to live. My son, trust in Yahweh with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding in all your ways. Acknowledge Him and he will make your path straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes, fear of the Lord and turn away from evil. The only way we can live lives that that bring glory to God. The only way that that we can, we can make a difference, is that we would make much of Jesus that we would draw people to the cross, then he would draw people to himself and he would save those whom he called out of this darkness. We praise for guidance, for support, for love, for encouragement. We get in the word. The Holy Spirit confirms what we're reading. Where then equipped to go out and do the good works that were set before us before the foundations of the world. We then are sharing the Gospel and we are loving our family and we are living in a way that we are we are helping people in darkness to see the light, and then we go to glory. That the Christian life. It's a journey, but it's a short one. In Jesus said, they said how to teach us how we should pray, not teach us a magic prayer. But you go away and pray all the time. Jesus, what do you? What do you? How are you praying? He said, our father, who's in Heaven, God, you're in heaven. I worship you. Hollo would be your name. Thy Kingdom come, your will be done, your your desires, God, your your objective, your plan, everything have it come to Earth. Now. Give us today our daily bread, give us our give us what we need for today and help keep us from sin. Day by day you get up. That's why the psalms are good at night, the proverbs of the reflection, but the constant thing, there's things that you do. You trust in the Lord with all of your heart and you don't lean on your ununderstanding. Any time I start leaning on my own understanding, then I start to start to get down a little bit. So don't. So it reeps proverbs three. If you want to see what have very, very, very wise father said to his son. In Romans one, Paul is dealing with when God pours out his wrath on a nation, on a people that have gone astray, and I think, I think there's some of that this taking place on our country. Just so you understand why you may feel uneasy, it says in Romans one hundred and eighteen that the wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of people. Well, what people who suppressed the truth by their wickedness, who who say, Oh, I went to church, this is you know, over the over the four hundred, you know, sixteen, twenty up till now, or what we're about. Five Hundred Years. Oh God, we know you're there, but get out of our schools. God, we know you there, but get out of our culture. We know you there, but get out of the abortion room. We so they're the the pagan culture is suppressing the truth by their wickedness, and verse Nineteen says since what may be known about God is plain to them. And why? Because God has made it plain. So that's that's one of the hardest things as Christians is to go through life and to see people that aren't saved and people don't want to be saved and people like their sin and they keep suppressing the truth and you're like, why do you? Can't you just see that? And they can't and they don't want to. All right, the reason why we can be encouraged is because we have the word of God, and the word of God is not a book of religion like any other book. It's not a book of Sages Tales. It's not just another I'll put it on the shelf and things go bad, pull it out type of thing. God wrote the Bible through forty different authors or on on three different continents, over one thousand five hundred years, longer than three America's total time and existence, the Bible was being put together by shepherds to kings. How is that possible? Because God wrote it so, it says in Hebrews. For Eleven through thirteen Christ followers. Therefore, let us make every effort to enter into that rest, the rest of going into the holy of holies, being able to go into God's presence and say hey, I'b a father, help me, and in Christ we know for sure we have our salvation, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience. For the word of God is alive and active. The Bible is alive and it's sharper than what the military guys would use a double edged swords. You could, you could do damage, you can, you can cause change, regardless of what direction you swing the sword and God's word penetrates are being down to separating our soul and our spirit into our bones, of the joints and the morrow. In the word of God, through the Holy Spirit, illuminating it in our mind, in our heart, judges the thoughts and attitudes of our heart. Nothing in creation is hidden from God's sight. To everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him, to whom we must give an account. So you read the word of God and if you dif you if you just read it and you're not saved, but you're doing your religious thing and you don't act at out, you don't live it, I should say not live it out and not acted up a few if you don't live in and believe it, we all have to give an account. So trust in God, trust in his word. Have Fellowship with him, fellowship with the saints, and that's make a difference. All Right, here we go. We're going to do genesis twenty five, but before we do that I've got my no brainer spot. I'm sponsors. Thank you guys so much. Having a record week this week for pure talk USA. Do me a favor write down get pure talkcom. I was real excited to get these guys as a sponsor because I've been with them for eighteen months. I think somewhere around eighteen nineteen months. Here's how it works. Inflation is out of control and if you're watching the news, that's going to get worse. Shortages, gasoline prices, everything. There is a way. 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My Cell Phone Bill is not an issue anymore. Get Pure talkcom. Promo Code is fls. All Right, genesis twenty five. We're marching along here. So what we're seeing is that people are dying from age. So we've gone through the journey of in the beginning God. Now we're Abraham is about to leave us and we've spoken a lot about Abraham. So couple chapters ago, Sarah died and then in the last in twenty four, Abraham was getting older and he's worried about who Isaac's going to marry. So through faith and through the faith of his servant, he goes and gets Rebecca from his homeland. He says, don't you dare take Isaac back to where it came from, because Canaan is our promised land by God. So he goes and in twenty four finishes up with Rebecca Marrying Isaac and he's comforted by his mom's death. Will Now we're in chapter twenty five and Abraham's going to go to see the Lord's going to go to Abraham's bosom, is what they called it, waiting for Jesus to come and raise from rise from the dead. So here are the some main things and there's a lot of lineage here, so I'm not going to go through that in this type of podcast with you. But Verse One says Abraham had taken another wife named Kultura, and she had some sons. She had Saudi Arabia, meet me, Dan Midian, Shebaddan, all these all these sons are coming out and they're down in Egypt going over to Saudi Arabi a lot of them and Abraham, verse five, left everything he owned Isaac and Verse Seven. Abraham lived a hundred and seventy five years and then he died and breathe this last and he died gathered to his people and then I his sons, Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the same cave. Remember where Sarah was buried, and then Isaac will be buried eventually. It's a field that Abraham and bought from the Hittites and he was buried there with his wife Sarah. Okay, so the main thing is that cave is that's where the lineage is being buried. Rebecca is going to be the one who won't make it in there. I'm sorry, Rachel won't make it in there. The rest of them get in there and in the immediate family, because she's going to be buried near Bethlehem. Ishmael sons, you go through all of them, but they end up being the twelve tribal rulers, like God said he would do through Abraham's son, who's not the sun, that God made his covenant through. But it did break it down that they were, that they were in the Egyptian area and it says they lived in hostility towards everyone around them. This is Ishmael. This is a beginning of Islam. Islam didn't come on the scene to like six hundred a d there was no Islam one fifteen hundred years or so, two thousand there's all of a sudden it POPs up from sixteen, no, five or sixteen, twenty eighty. But this was the core that that Muhammad tried to use to justify his new religion. Now we get down here to Jacob and Essa. There obviously you know Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But the main thing to get out of this is it says in an verse Twenty One Isaac Prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife because he loved his wife, but Rebecca couldn't have children. So he's like God, please. So God answered his prayer. And to his wife. Well, she became pregnant and the two babies were wrestling inside her. She's having twins and she says, why is this happening to me? So she prayed to the Lord and the Lord said there's two nations in your womb and two people's from within. You will be separated. One will be stronger than the other, but the older is going to serve the younger, which is backwards in that culture. So what happened is is when it was time to get birth, Esau starts. It says here that the first to come out was red. His whole body was like a hairy garment, and that's why Esaw means red. So is his name was Esau. And then the other brother came out to actually had his was grabbing esaus foot his heel so he'll catcher. Was His name Jacob. So Isaac was sixty years old and Rebecca gave birth to them. Twenty years after, I believe they got that, they got married. The boys grew up and he saw was a skill per hunter, a man of the open country. Jacob was kind of a Mama's boy. He kind of lived among the tents, esaws out killing the animals and and Jacobs hanging around mom. And when we get to the next chapter you're going to see where that kind of goes south. Okay, it's one thing to love your mother, but she leads him astray. So it says it. The boys grew up and says once wh all, Jacob was cooking some stew. So Jacobs cooking, he's not out hunting. Esau came in from the open country hunting and he was famished. He was, you know where you're really, really hungry. Okay, now this is this is one of the main points. Remember, the prophecy was God told Rebecca your oldest son, Esau, is going to serve his younger brother. How's that, Paul of why? Because it's supposed to be the firstborn is supposed to get double the blessing and be in charge once the father dies. But here's what happens. This is the heart of Esau, and Esau is going to be the Edomites. All of the problems that Israel dealt with is going to come out of the Ishmael and the Edomites, and all these problems are going to come from these two lineages. So it says here that Jacobs cooking some stew and Esaw comes in hungry and he says, Hey, Jacob, give me some of your Stew, I'm hungry. That's why I was called Edom to Red Stew, and Jacob replied. Now, listen to this. This is profound to me. The birth right was so valuable, but to someone who's not pursuing God and could care less about anything but himself. The birth rights meetingless. So Jacob said, well, first sell me your birthright, then give me, give me the position of leadership in the family, give me the double blessing, give me, give me what you should have for some stew believe. Now, remember, God is sovereign. So he's working this out because this is what God's want. This is what God wanted. But he allowed the carnality of Esau to to to work out, to to facilitate God's perfect will. So verse thirty two, Esau says this is now. Think about this. He's not dying, but says I'm about to die. What good is my birthright to me? You know anyone that does that exaggerates all the time. Who? Well, I can do it, I'm so miserable. Lifestyle, words living anymore. And you're like, what what happened? Well, my my in and out shake melted before I got to drink. It's like what kids do? This a lot. But Jacob said this. This is he's a conniver. Jacob his life as a conniver. He sits wear to me first. So he did. He sworn out to him, selling his birthright to Jacob. And when Jacob then Jacob gave esaw some bread and some lintil stew. He ain't drank and he got up and Esaw despised his birthright that he gave up for some stew. So the main takeaways here is that Abraham was faithball. He died, but out of out of having multiple wives, which the Bible never supported or encouraged. God ever said, how go have a lot of wives you. We see the problems with Hagar, all these problems. But then nomatic culture before Abraham was called after the people fell away from Adam. They were they were living culturey this way, and so God worked through this because the law had not been said that you cannot do this. But Sabraham took on multiple wives and what he got out of that was problems. But Abraham died, was buried with with Sarah Ishmael. Then member the prophecy the twelve tribes. The tribe twelve tribal rulers were established in the Egyptian and the Arab area. But it says they lived in hostility, which they still do today, against the Non Arab people, Jake and Benisaw. Then Jacob came out first, but God said, but Esau. I'm sorry, Esau came out first, but he's going to serve Jacob and we'll see that as we go along through the chapters. And then Jacob gets the birthright from Esaw, which then makes Esau subordinate to him over stew, because Esau's focus was on the now and on self and Jacob was taking in band image of that. There's nothing righteous in here about Jacob stealing the birthright. But it's going to make sense because eventually God is going to have to disable Jacob because Jacob tries to wrestle with him because he's so he's so in his flesh and he's so uch a conniver that God had to physically humble him. Because God's will will be done, regardless of if you, regardless of what we think we're getting away with. We're not. So My couragement today is that things go through, we go through life, we see things, things do, people do things, but God is fully aware of what's going on in every situation. God never says oops, God never says Oh, and to God allowed the frailties and the failures of men and women to be in the scriptures for our edification, because we can see that mankind has been messed up from the beginning. Nothing is new under the Sun and God, thank you that you are in control and that we do not have to worry about it. I all right. My second sponsor my pillow, my pillow dot VIP, if you could write that down. My pillow dot VIP. I know, ladies, according to what I've been told is spring cleaning is here around Easter and you're probably looking to get new towels and maybe change the colors out or sheets. Great, huge sales going on over at my pillow. Mikelandal is got twenty five hundred ploys up in a Minnesota area and I've been with them for about eight or nine months now. We've done a lot of different Bible pillows and sheets, the Giza sheets from this part of Egypt. 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