Welcome To Christian Talk With Eric Thompson
March 19, 2022

Christian Talk Political - God Is Sovereign. Democratic Party Promotes Evil, Christians Vote Accordingly

Christian Talk Political - God Is Sovereign. Democratic Party Promotes Evil, Christians Vote Accordingly

Christian Talk Political - God Is Sovereign. Democratic Party Promotes Evil, Christians Vote Accordingly.
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Christian Talk Political - God Is Sovereign. Democratic Party Promotes Evil, Christians Vote Accordingly.



Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life. I'LL PODCAST for Christ I'll bring faith, family political issues, using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours. Let our light shine before others so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson. Hi, welcome to another Christian talk podcast. This is our political podcast. It is Saturday March Nineteen, two thousand and twenty two. Thank you so much for listening. If you want to get home hold of me and you can head over to the website. Christian talk don't life. Christian talk don't life, fell out the contact form or from there you can listen to the other podcast download them and check out some of the articles. I am a political writer during the week and on the weekends. Lately I've been doing some writing also because I'm about to go into trips. I need to backfill some articles. But on this podcast we're going to go over what you and I should know about what the Bible teaches about God and government, and then we're going to go over some scriptures to go along with it. Outside of this study, by where I'm at is daily when I'm praying for my kids and grand kids, for the nation or the leadership, I sometimes think what kind of country am I leaving behind? Like, what the things I do like? Do I vote? Do I not vote? Who Do I vote for? Who Do I not vote for? And one of the most confusing things for me, as a born again Christian, to someone born from above, someone who goes to the Bible, which we talked about all the time in the scripture and Hebrews, is that there's a lot of people that claim to be Christians or Catholics and you know, from even President Biden to Speaker Pelosi to majority leader humor, and yet and the things that they promote in government are actually antithetical toward biblical teaching. So if you're a Christian or if you're a Catholic that is closer to Brodestin theology, we you believe there's only one way to heaven, you believe it's by grace, you've been saved by faith, not by works, that your dependency is on Jesus Christ alone. I don't then, I don't know anyone who claims to be a Christ follower can vote for the policies coming out of the Democratic Party and we'll cover will go over some of the items here, but I don't want this to be too partisan. But I want I want us to look at as Christians, we're not to love the world, not supposed to be so entrenched in the world, but if we could leave behind a world, through our prayer and through our voting it, through our efforts, that still has free speech and place for our grandkids and great great grandkids that are coming and in the lineage, wouldn't we want that? Would we want them to grow up in a country where they can still speak about Jesus without being overly persecuted? So when we want our bill of rights to be intact, wouldn't we want our border to be secure, so the millions of people pouring across that are unfortunately doing some very evil things? Wouldn't we want that to not be happening? And it wouldn't we want babies not to be dissected and aborted in the womb? If we could stop that, wouldn't we want to? There was a I heard a guy asking someone this once. If you could go back in history and stop Hitler, would you, if you were someone that was at was commanded or or demanded to get on a bulldozer and pushed the dirt over live Jewish people in a pit, which people had to do. Would you have done it or would you have been killed for not doing it? We have the ability through prayer, through God's sovereignty and voting and encouraging people to vote for righteous causes. We still have have that. We have those freedoms here and we can't advocate those unless you don't care what your nation looks like. So here's a few things to know. God is truly sovereign. So we know in Psalm twenty two the kings belonged to the Lord any rules over the nation's so, starting from the right point of view, God is sovereign. Yes, God is going to do what God is going to do. I know there's some people like, Oh, don't shouldn't have to, I shouldn't have to be involved in politics because God is going to do it anyway. Well, he tells us to go to share the Gospel, but he could do that with rocks and donkeys. God ordained all human government for the good of man. So we know that Romans Thirteen, one and three through four. Let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. For rulers or not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you have no fear of the one who is in authority? Then do what is good and you will receive his approval, for He is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain, for he is a servant of God, the Avenger, who the eventer, who carries out God's wrath on wrong doers. And we know that man is made in God's image. Genesis one twenty seven. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God. He created the male and female. He created them. We know, since, although God could originally chose two nations, he desires ultimately to draw all the nations to the light of the world, world as they have forty nine six and Romans ten twelve. Revelation Twenty One, thirty three through twenty four, but Romans ten twelve. There's no distinction between Jew and Greek, for the same Lord as a Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him. Revelation Twenty One, twenty three through thirty four, and he's talking about the new heaven, the new Earth, and the city has no need of Sun and moon, sun or moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and it's lamp is the lamb, and by its light will the nation's walk and the kings of their earth will bring their glory onto it. God Disciples and nations according to their deeds, God disciples, rulers of nations. In Daniel, two thousand and twenty one, twenty through twenty one, Dan you answered, blessed be the name of the God of God, forever and ever, to whom we who belongs wisdom and mighty changes times and seasons, and he removes kings and sets up kings, and he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding. The general disobedience to human government is disobedience to God. Unless, like it says, an acts, we're commanded to not worship God or talk about God, then we obviously violate that, because God's sovereignty, in God's will, in God's command, supersedes human government. Attacks Five twenty nine, then Peter in the Apostle said we must obey God rather than men, just like Daniel three eighteen, Meshac shadrach can a Bendigo being not being known to you, O king, that we will not serve your God, worship the Golden Image that you have set up. So the purposes of human government, commendation of good, punishment of evil, the maintenance of peace and the protection of the oppressed. All right, so that's the purpose of government. We and it says in Daniel that God is the one that changes seasons, he removes kings and he raises up kings, and God has sovereign remember Jesus told he told Brainwood, dead boy, a pot pilot, punch his pilot and John Nineteen Eleven. Jesus answered, you could have no power at all against me unless it has been given to you from above. Therefore, the one who delivered me to you has the Greater Sin About Judas Titus three once or two, remind them to be subject to the rulers and authorities, to bay, to be ready for every good work, to speak evil of no one, to be peaceable gentle showing all humility of men. That is how we are to live as Christians, with our government, were subjected to the rulers and authorities to obey and to do good works, to speak evil no one, to be peaceable, gentle showing all humility to all men. So that is where we're at right now, is we're ramus conversation. That is the government and that is God as sovereign. That is government, that's the responsibility of government. tightess three nine says of avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions or quarls about the law for their unprofitable and worthiness and worthless. The Democratic Party the platform is very straightforward on what the they want to accomplish as a party. Guess there's people in the Democratic Party that are old school Reagan Democrats that, just like Joe Mansion, the parties left them. But we're dealing with twenty two coming up in the mid terms and twenty four presidential elections and more more state and federal elections. So what us to be in prayer about that? But want us to, I think, have thought things through on who we're going to support. Before I would go over that list, let me go over my first sponsor with you. Write this down, please. Pure talk, get pure talkcom. If you could save an average of eight hundred dollars a year per family, or fifty percent if you're an individual, on your cell phone bill, wouldn't it without having to buy a new phone, switch your phone number or lose any service or coverage? Why wouldn't you do it? The answer is, of course you would. 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Get Pure talkcom. Promo Code is fls. At check out three letters F for for S, for Liberty Sake, for Liberty Sake, FLS, and put that in and you'll get the savings and I appreciate it and they thank you for supporting them and this podcast also. All Right, Democratic Party. So you're a Christian and you want to leave, you want to live in a in a country that you have your freedoms, and you want to leave a country for your children and grandchildren and posterity down. So here's what the Party stands for today. Abortion through late term and they were even talking about doing post birth abortion, where you let them you basically kill the baby after it comes out. The Bible says what and there's hundreds of verses. But this isn't a podcast on abortion. But all you have to do is look up pro life versus in the Bible. Before I before you were born, I knew you. I knit you together in your mother's womb. John the Baptist leap for joy. In the womb, Samson's parents were told the baby in there is going to be a prophet, so I've already chosen him. In the womb, when you get pregnant, that baby from birth from conception will be Samson when he comes out. So God in Genesis, after the flood, established the death penalty that if anybody kills somebody, their life would be required. So God created man and woman. He is the author of life. He takes life. Our days are predetermined. So Democratic Party wanting babies to be murdered through up to the second of actual delivery and in a late term abortion, they actually delivered the baby, leave a little portion still in so they can kill their baby. Then they bring the baby completely out. That is ungodly, that is barbaric. That is like what the Babylonians did and what the Pagans have done to babies. So I don't see how you can vote for the Democratic Party. Secondly, they are supporting the d the ending of a biblical family units. Democratic Party is now supporting any variation of sexuality, identity that you want to go with and different marriage relationships. So this idea that a mother, father child is a godly desirable family unit, a nuclear family unit, is no longer supported and it's actually discouraged in the Democratic Party. So I don't know how a Christian could vote for that. They believe in the plotform that the border should be open and endless. People should come in that have not been bedded. It'd be like if you and your in your house, if you stopped locking your front door or your back door and or your windows just in case somebody wanted to, someone I. Legally, wanted to come into your house, eat your food, stay in your house, and then the government would ask you to pay for them. There's thousands of people here in the United States. They get raped, murdered, robbed, etc. From people that enter the country illegally that we're not veaded and we don't know who they are. What people, Pagan people, do is they will say, well, it's the Christian thing to do, is to help the migrant. United States has plenty of money and we send as a nation more money, charitable money, to foreign nations. If the government, which really shouldn't be involved in this, because donations should come from the hearts, as you're led by the Lord, it'd be very easy to have facilities in South America where people could donate to support people, instead of having them Trot, March all the way up here. We could help them there in their communities to grow into be healthy and to develop their community versus coming in our country legally, which when even people that are coming here for work come in in intermixed with them, as they're violating our national sovereignty. Is Criminals, drug runners, spent in all human traffickers. So I don't know how. I don't know how a Christian could vote for a party that wants millions of people coming in the nation every year that we don't know who they are. In they're hurting people. The hurting children, are hurting women, they're getting killing people with their drugs, their gangs are coming in. So I don't know how. I don't know how Christian could vote for Democratic Party because they're going to a board babies up to the last second, they're going to have criminals pouring across the border and they are going to support the deconstruction of the Biblical family. Then they want excessive taxes and they want higher more regulations and they want to take away people's protections, are guns, and they want to basically, the democratic platform basically wants government to become God to everybody. They're just they just passed a law in the house where they're going to criminalize if someone doesn't if they if somebody believes, as a black American, that someone wasn't treating them fairly because of their hairstyle. We're down to that level. If someone wakes up today like the swimmer and says I'm a four hundred and thirty second rank as a male swimmer, I'm a woman now and then he wins the races of people going to school flipping their genders back and forth or whatever, whatever. If that's not a world, that aren't that God gets glory in. That is that is a culture that's been turned over. So we can vote for stability in the culture for now and for our posterity. Democrats want high taxes, they went to force people into condensed housing and they want to get read of people owning land and they want to suppress speech. There's nothing, there's nothing in the Democratic Platform that is pro God. It's Pro Bible. There's distorted attempts to twist scripture, but the Bible says if you don't work, you don't eat, that a man who doesn't provide for his family is worse than in Unbeliever Adamny were told to go into work, the garden inf you go through the proverbs in the psalms slothful people were to be to be removed, to stay away from. They were like a they were like a cancer in the community. If you're able, you should work. If you if you need to work, you so if you're physically able. As a Christian, we end we should expect it from the culture. That's why we vote for people that demand individualism, that you must go work, you cannot sit and just get paid to set at home. And I can go on and on, but I just I think I've got the point across. The stories this week in the news go like this. For example, we know the code. It's pretty much done. But doctor Fouchie, who is connected with the great reset, the global movement toward the new world order, and they are working to tear down the American capitalistic system and destroy the dollar and they want to do a lot of things by twenty thirty, along with the United Nations. So fouchie's part of this group, along with hundreds of banks, which is why they're going to you're going to hear in the near future that if you go to get alone or do something or get a job, they're going to if they may bring up we pulled your e s g score we can stop at the state level if we have the right people in office. That is an environmental, social justice and governance coore which, if you're a conservative, if you're a Christian, will be bad because the environmental, social justice and governance scores the the good score would be based off of doing what progressives want. If you want to live life liberty, pursuit of happiness, God not cut you know, God over government, then our scores will be bad, which could affect our ability to buy yourself. But we can stopsg from being allowed to do that at the state level and maybe even the federal level if we have the right people in office. But Dr Fouchi comes back now and says, Oh, wait a minute, he asked. The country is reopening, but hey, we could always lock down again after's a new variant. We want to vote for people that say look, individualism, not the collective. Progressives try to take the Christian idea of community and make it to be some type of public situation, public design, and it doesn't work that way. The way the church functions is different than the world and the world is immoral. So I don't want to be in a collective with the world, and you shouldn't want to either. So that was one new story. The vouchie's saying, Hey, it's possible that we could, we could go ahead and go back into covid lockdowns. They have another strain comes around. Their stories out about our president who, before he was elected and as the vice president, set up business meetings with his son Hunter Ukraine, China and Russia, or Ukraine and China and other nations. And then the mayor of Moscow's wife gave hunter millions of dollars. But he, in one of his stupor's, left one of his laptop computers at a computer store. Before the elections. It was discovered FBI had it for quite a while and there were some very damaging emails on there that showed that Joe had benefited quite a bit from using his position as vice president to set up meetings for hunter. But that was told. We were told that was a lie, that there that there were not cooperative. It was not verified. Well, The New York Times now, a year and two months after Biden's been an office, as you know, what actually everything on there was verified. Oops. So now the White House is deflecting it. Fifty intelligence officers who said that it was Russian mints, misinformations at saying well, it looked like it could have been. So they're not going to can't he'll do health. The New New York City Health Commissioner still wants five year olds to and deaf indefinitely wear masks. Under five to never stop roaring masks unless theyre vaccinated. So that's that's kind of where the news is this week. Russia still bombing Ukraine. Ukraine wanted the United States to start doing a no fly zone over the country. We're saying no. So the world's all staring over there, while people are pouring into our country, while the Democrats are pushing through hair legislation, while they're still trying to get pet push through the green new deal and all these all these progressive, massive spending bills which would suppress our liberties. So do me a favor. Pray about what God would have you to do. But when it comes to life, when it comes to liberty, when it comes to pursuit of happiness, when it becomes to making much of Jesus, when it comes to setting up our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren for a life of enjoying the liberties and the freedoms we have, then we need to vote for people that will promote those policies, not for a personality, because you can have a Democrat, a Democrat, Republican and an independent running and you can look at all of them and say Yuck. But if if the Republican is saying I am going to advance protections of the bill of rights, I'm going to advance laws that will support the nuclear family, I'm going to cut taxes, I'm going to pass laws to protect life, then you vote. You can okay about because they're not great. There you know, they send bad tweets. Are they're not in the good people. If we said it, we're not going to get a preacher running for office. So pray about it, though, because God is sovereign and he will guide and direct our steps. But I I can't, I can't understand at all, while somebody who claims to be seeking Christ, sharing the gospel, living peaceably, wanting crime to go down, because it's going up under this administration, why they would still support the Democratic Party. I don't know how that's possible, but I just want to give give you that information as I'm a political issue here because I'm writing a lot of articles and it's all bad. Inflation, everything's bad, gasoline price, everything's bad. So I didn't want to bum you out with it, but the fact that the great reset would still want to use vouchy to warn us and to keep us open to the idea of going back into Covid lockdowns, where New York is going to say five and under will always wear mask the forest, the parents to give their kids vaccinations, have taxes out of control, gasoling out of control, refusing to drill, refusing to help people. What the open border? Like I said, if you if you lock your car doors, if you lock your home doors, if you lock Your Business Doors, and you and you say that you're open borders, then that's kind of hypocritical, don't you think? So, just pray about it. I just, I just, I just want my kids to live in a country that's free and I want to do but it's God's will. Of God's going to do it. is going to do so. If we're under judgment, like Romans one talks about, then it's going to pray that God would take us through this, would bless us, would help us to be lights, to not not to go dim not to fall away in these dark times. But I do feel like we should least he seek the Lord. Be On our face, be petitioning God that he would save ourn, save our nation, turn us back so that we could do good in the world for Christ's sake. That is my prayer and that's what, as I'm going to keep pushing for. If you want to see my political articles, you can go over to Eric Thompson showcom. Eric Thompson showcom is my political articles and my Christian podcast website. Here is Christian talk. Don't life. My second sponsor is another no brainer, my pillow awesome products. Mike LANDELLE UP IN MINNESOTA, twenty five hundred employees. They have great specials going. You just go to my pillowcom forward, slash fls, the same Promo Code you use when you go to good gets pure talkcom. Remember get pure talkcom. Save about a hundred hours of year on your cell phone service. Save up the ninety percent on special deals at my pillow by using the same Promo Code of FLS, for Liberty Sake, a check out. I love the pillows, I love the sheets, I love the mattress topper, I love the towels, but he's got over a hundred fifty different items, so check them out. My PILLOWCOM FOR ITS FLS and get here Talkcom for I'm sorry, just get here talkcom Promo. Could fls fifty percent off your first month of your phone bill. That's down about fifty percent. So all right, guys. Hopefully this wasn't too boring or, you know, harsh, but just look at the Democratic Platform. Look at script. Sure thanks to what kind of nation do you want to leave your family? What do you want to live under right now, and what environment would Christ be easy? Would be easier for us to make much of Christ in the Public Square, that people could hear the gospel more easily. Just people around the world would love to have the rights that we have here, so let's not give them up. All right, guys, God bless you. Guys. Talk to you later.