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Feb. 18, 2022

Christian Talk Political - Canada Govt Goes Full Fascism. Russia Mocks Biden. What’s Is Great Reset?

Christian Talk Political - Canada Govt Goes Full Fascism. Russia Mocks Biden. What’s Is Great Reset?

Christian Talk Political - Canada Govt Goes Full Fascism. Russia Mocks Biden. What's Is Great Reset?
Christian Talk Political - Canada Govt Goes Full Fascism. Russia Mocks Biden over Ukraine.What's Is The Great Reset? Download Christian Podcasts - https:...

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Christian Talk Political - Canada Govt Goes Full Fascism. Russia Mocks Biden. What's Is Great Reset? Christian Talk Political - Canada Govt Goes Full Fascism. Russia Mocks Biden over Ukraine. What's Is The Great Reset? Download Christian Podcasts - https://ChristianTalk.Life



Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life. I'LL PODCAST for Christ I'll bring faith, family political issues, using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours. Let our light shine before others so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson. Hi, welcome to another Christian talk podcast. This is going to be one of our political ones, so thank you for sitting in. It is February, Seventeen, two thousand and twenty two. I'm a political writer during the day, so I thought, you know, want to take a break and let's knock out today's podcast. Later on I'll do the political I'll do the Christian talk, regular Christian living podcast, and we're going to be dealing with election in that one. But if you want to get hold of me, my website again is Christian talk dot life. Christian talk dot life. You can fill out the contact form if you want to reach me, if you want to possibly be on the podcast with me because you have a book coming out or something. That's how you do that. You can download my other podcast on there and you can check out articles that I'm writing for the Christian podcast side all. So on today's podcast we're going to go over what's going on in Canada with the government's reaction to the freedom convoy. We're going to briefly talk about what's going on with Russia, in Ukraine and the United States, and then we're going to go a little bit into the Ezekiel, thirty seven, thirty eight world and then to revelation about the nations that we know for sure going to be involved in some of the final battles and a nation that's not mentioned, which might surprise you. And then we're going to finish with what is the great reset, and that's a very large subject, but I'm going to give you just a just want to put it in your mind so you can do your own research. Right. Here's what's going on on the seventeen Canada. You know the Nice a, the nice guys up north. You know the big, big chunk of land not very sparseley populated. Well, they're far left government, like radical far left government, which has been pretty much skipping along and doing whatever they want and the people of kind of acquiesced to it and they've been pushing critical race theory and the gender issues, and that's where Jordan Peterson became prominent because he told him no, government, you were you can, you can push through whatever you want, but you're not going to mandate my speech. But for the most part, Justin Trudeau has been allowed to do whatever he wants, the prime minister up there. But then here comes truckers and the big news is the freedom convoy, which is for a few weeks now shut down Ottawa and other parts of the country. The bridges have they have significantly reduced the amount of auto parts and other goods going into Michigan for the our our auto industry in the US, and they basically have settled down with millions of millions and millions of dollars of donations coming in from the US and other people around the world saying, you know, we're with you, well, with you in this covid tyranny and and the stripping a way of rights. So you guys just stay the course. Well, the globalist the great reset, which we'll get to in the Unitas she has twenty thirty and this whole idea of governance, F NAT global governance can't tolerate uprisings. This is why last week the US Department of Homeland Security put out their national risk update. The put out a document to to give an assessment of what they deemed to be risk for terrorism domestically and internationally against the United States, and in it it basically sounded like almost a communist manifesto, to the point of saying we, is a government, believe that there's people in the United States that are speaking out against a two thousand and twenty election result or the way code it has been handled another situations and and because we as a government deemed that those could cause violence like a like a precrime, we're predicting, possibly that these people and their actions are causing, they're causing other citizens to say, yeah, you can't make my kids wear masks and we shouldn't be giving backs and nations to six month old etc. So our government, the United States said, and today they announced, are going to start another special force, like a Department of Justice Group, to go after cryptocurrency people that that they deem maybe are using the money for supporting like convoys up in Canada and other groups, the ones that are the one audits for the two thousand and twenty election results, or they want to do they want to challenge children wearing masks in schools. So our government us is getting more and more tranical, but up in Canada they don't have our constitution, so they're like well, the big news is they've snapped. They've been kind of threatening and threatening. But you remember they've been working under something called the Emergencies Act, which was invoked earlier this week by the truth and by Tradeau, and it basically gives the federal government in Canada the ability do whatever they want. They can arrest people who are obstructing the roadways, like two truckers, or for disruptive behavior within a no go exclusion zone. So whatever the government says, you can't go there. If you do or if you're doing anything in the no go zone, kind of like on colleges now, where you they have safe spaces on the university where you can't say whatever you want to say on it or you'll get in trouble. But the law enforcements are now empowered to go after truck drivers, people in nogo zones, to seize vehicles without a warrant or any approval from a judge, to freeze bank accounts, threatening to take people's land, to force insurance companies to drop the insurance on their trucks, and right now they are literally cracking down a group or a guy hacked into the crowd fund company, Crowd Funding Company that raise the money for the truckers. That information than has been released to the public, and so the government up in Canada has the list also. So what they're doing is they're basically directing going to Bloomberg, the Canadian Bankers Association, that you're going to use the list of names that were sending you from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and you are instructed every single bank or financial institution that has anything to do with finance and Canada, you're going to go through your list and look for these names and if they're on there, then what you have to do is if you're a bank and an investment firm at Credit Union, a loan company, security dealer, fundraising platform or payment in clearing processing processor, you must determined whether that you have or control the property of any person who's attending and the legal protest on the list that we sent the government saying to them or for providing supplies to the demonstrators. If you guys find such a person in that list, you must freeze their accounts and report it to the Canadian government. That are C MP or Canada's intelligence services. Another way looking at them, any suspicious transactions must also be reported to the country's anti money laundering agency, known as Fintrak. So what could be a suspicious transaction? Somebody Sends Tenzeros to a truck driver? The Deputy PM, Christia Freeland, said in a press conference the names of both individuals and entities, as well as crypto wallets, have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen. In more accounts will be frozen. Okay, why did I want to go over that with you? The Bible says in the end that the people's hearts will grow cold and there'd be a turning away from the faith and there be more of a dependence on on self, which in effect means just like the Communist or the Marxist or the Democratic Party today, they now have replaced God with government. So the government needs to be enforcing equity. The government needs to be enforcing the green new deal, which basically means by twenty thirty people should I don't not. Nobody should own a car by twenty thirty. According to the great reset, people should live in small homes with no dirt, no land to try to help reduce the amount of water that's being used in the community, electricity it's being used. So when everyone kind of living like in Japan or China, everybody living kind of living the same, with everyone using uber left or whatever the technology is going to be for transportation, we're going to want people to support basic universal income everybody gets paid just for being a citizen, and everyone should be okay with bringing in all these people from around the world because the world should share in the wealth of the United States. In this transition, which I think goes along with toward the what we know is the end times, that this falling away, this this turning on each other, this perversion, this craziness, is going to also go along with a additional or further lack of tolerance for Christians in the community. The critical race theory movement or social justice. If you boil it down, according to Pastor Bacham, we can listen to on Youtube, he breaks it. He basically says when you water down critical race theory, social justice, economic all this stuff, it really comes down to the target audience that needs to be dealt with. The group that is the biggest problem for the world are White Christian men. Black lives matter. Before they took their about US page down. One of their goals, in one of the goals of these other radical groups, is to deconstruct the nuclear family, to get rid of the MOM, dad child expectation, that that there is no such thing as a normal family. There's no way to define a family. The idea of having a mom, dad and children is okay for you. As assist gender couple, which they actually assigned a Pronoun, they actually had it. Had to actually tell us that if you're normal, you have it. You're a sist normal your assist gender or you not just male or female. But I want you guys to be aware of this because when you see the overreach of the of the our federal government, and I think they passed something, see for something up in Canada, where it's against the law for anyone in Canada to try to help somebody get healed of gender dysphoria, no longer claiming to practice homosexuality or transgenderism or lesbianism, against the law to help them. The churches can't minister to people that are struggling with those dysphorious because they don't have any tolerance for Jesus. Is the only way, then't have a tolerance for dependence on God, not government, for love your neighbor and to give as you feel led to give, not because the government needs it to run a massively inefficient bureacracy, to give money to whoever they deem is worthy. So as want you to know about Canada and the US, and what's going on is is there's this turn toward public private partnerships, which will get to in the great reset, the government working with corporations banks to punish people that are not falling in line with the government, and that's what you're seeing in Canada and that's what you're going to see more and more of you're in the United States of America. The other big story is Russia, which is mentioned in Ezekiel thirty eight and I think in revelation the former USS are, which is broken up. A lot of the countries, including Russia, are kind of a headache to the world, Putin especially so. Russia has been threatening to go into Ukraine and that's caused the government of the United States, which is lawless. It's caused. It caused Joe to try to be tough man with Ukraine and tough man with Russia, like he's you. Hey, you guys just need to deal with this situation and you just need to you need to knock it off, Hey, and the president's a Lynsky of Ukraine. You're probably toast over there and Russia is is probably going to come, and so you got to deal with it because you don't have any chance. But Russia, Russia is in Iran and these countries mentioned in a Zekiel thirty eight are lifting up their heads and causing problems in the US. That's we're not dealing with it right we don't know how to deal with it because we're kind of a clueless and we're aheadless nation right now, I believe, led by an Obama Biden administration that is just it's full of people on Social Justice Causes, transgenders and and and beast, theality people and homeless. I mean, it's a disaster up there, but that's a big story. Today. It's so bad. A Biden has done such a bad job that the US is action going to stop having Joe Talk, or least on a meeting coming up in this and unit Germany this weekend, it's not going to be Joe Biden going to meet with Zalinsky, it's going to be Kamala missing in action, Harris. Yes, while the Midwest is currently concerned about Russia a full scale attack everything, the relationship is so tainted right now between Biden and the government with Zalinsky and Ukraine that they think somehow they're going to send over Kamala Harris, the VP, that's going to fix it. And why I think this is important is because when you look at the rover thirty trillion dollars, now deficit, a hundred and forty trillion plus, and unfunded liabilities we've got. We've got the huge amount of exports of prenography going out to the world, late term abortions, and there's a our country needs a revival and for the nation to repent, for God to restore our nation and, as he end, revel and in Romans one I've gotten over this that when people went a nation is in decline and under a judgment of God, it goes from denying God to suppressing truth to basically saying we know what's wrong, but we don't care. Sorry, God, get out of here. You don't exist anymore. And what happens? The as and the women start having affections for women. So then you see the spike and lesbianism, and then followed by that as a spike and male homosexual activity, which led aids. And then it leads to further decline, not only a tolerance of Sin, but an approval of sin and and support for the advancement of sin, and then a total turning over to a debase, godless mind. And that's where I think we're at. My first sponsor for this podcast. Please write this down. 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It's okay. So we just went over their draconian kind of the forming of this globalist government's mindset of control, using the financial companies, the public private partnerships, just like the US and other other countries going toward tyranny. In Ezekiel thirty seven it says in verse one that the hand of the Lrd was on me and brought me out by the spirit of the Lord and sent me in the middle of a valley. It was full of bones. So isekiel seeing this vision, and then the Lord led me back and forth among the bones and I saw a great many on the floor of the valley. The bones were very dry, and he asked me, a sent a man, can these bones live? I said, sovereign Lord, you alone know, glad you know, if these can live. He said it me prophesied of the bones and say to them, dry bones, here the word of the Lord. This is what the sovereign Lord says to these bones. I will make breath enter you and you will come to life. I will attach tendence to you and make flesh come upon you and cover you with skin. I will put breath in you and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the Lord. So I prophesied in and and as I was commanded and as I was prophesying, there was a noise, a rattling sound, in the bones came together bone to bone. I looked and the tendons in the flesh appeared on them, in the skin covered them, but there was no breath in them. He said, prophesied to the breath, prophesied on a man to say this is what the sovereign Lord says. Come breath from the four winds and breath unto these slain that they may live. So I prophesied, as he commanded. I breathe. Then breath entered them and they came to life and they stood on their feet. Of Bass Army. He said to me, sent a man. These bones are the people of Israel. To what this? It the what this? What happened is that Israel, when Rome took over, dispersed the Jews around the world. A lot of people believe this. This ere's prophesying that in the end, which shook place in nineteen forty eight, that Israel will come back together as a nation. And they did. The United Nations Charter, they were given back to land that they had had for thousands of years, and so the bones was the rebirth of Israel. So now we get over to Ezekiel Thirty Eight, next chapter, which is there's a long gap between thirty seven thirty eight, but in Ezekiel thirty eight, God is basically saying, you know, I am going to have victory over several of you nations that are that are going to come after my people, Israel. But the reason why we are going to cover this quickly is some of the nations that are mentioned that are going to attack Israel in the future, I think sooner than later, but I don't know. None of us know the day of the hour of these events. But it says in verse one, the words the Lord King to me, son of man, set your face against Gog of the land of Magog, the chief Prince of Meshek, and tubill prophesy against him, saying this is what the Lord says. I am against you, Gog, chief prints of Meshek, and Tuble, I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army, your horses, horsemen, fully armed in a great horde with large and small shields, all of them branishing swords. Persia, cush and put will be with them, all was shields and helmets. Also Gomer, what's all of its troops and Beth to Gomar from the far north, with all its troops and many nations with you. Get ready to be prepared, you and all the hords gathered about you, and take command of them. After many days, you will be all to arms and future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war, whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel, which has long and desolated, desolate. They have been brought out from the nations and now all live in safety. You and your troops and many nations with you, will go up, advancing like a storm. You will be like a cloud covering the land. So, thirty seven Israel be born as a nation living peaceably in their land, and here comes a bunch of nations after him. This is what the sovereign nor says in verse ten on that day, thoughts will come into your mind and you will devise an evil scheme. You will say, I will invade the land of unwalled villages, I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people, all of them living without walls and without gates and bars. I will plunder and Luton, turn my hand against the settled, resettled ruins and the people gathered from the nation's rich and livestock and goods living in the center of the land. Sheba and DDAN, in the merchants at Tarshis and all our villages, said you. Have you come to plunder? Have you gathered your hordes to loot and carry off silver and gold and take away livestock and goods to see as much plunder? Therefore, the sent of Man Prophesy to Gog. This is what the sovereign Lord says. In the day when my people, Israel, are living at safety, will you not take notice of it? You will come from your place in the far north. You and many nations were with you, all of them riding on horses, a great horde of Mighty Army. You will advance against the my people Israel like a cloud that covers a land in the days to come, Gog, I will bring you against my land so that to nations may know when I improved wholly through you before their eyes. This is what the sovereign Lord says. You are the one I spoke up in the former days by my servants, the Prophets of Israel. At that time, they prophesied for years that I would bring you against them. This is what will happen in that day, when Gog attacks the land of Israel, my hot anger will be aroused, declares the Lord, in my zeal and fiery wrath. I declare that at that time there should be a great earthquake in the land of Israel. The fish in the see in, the birds of the sky, the beast of the field, every creature that moves along the ground and all the people on the face of the Earth will tremble at my presence. The mountains will be overturned, the clips will crumble and every wall will fall to the ground. I will summon a sword against Gog on all my mountains, declares the sovereign Lord. Every man's sword will be against his brother. I will exeq judgment on him with plague and bloodshed. I will pour out down torment, torrents of rain, helstone and burning sulfur on him and his troops and as many nations with him, and I will show my greatness and my holiness and I won't make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord. Okay, so that's a war that's coming. Now, who are these nations that are going to be attacking? Here is a good summary of it. Magog. According to the first century Jewish historian Josephus, the land of Magog was inhabited by the SCYTHIANS. The SCYTHIANS lived throughout Central Asia, indicating an identity. It's associated with nations today Khakistan, Kau Zakistan, Uzekistan, Turk Meshistan and the Jekistan. Some also include Afghanistan in this group. So Central Asia, Maygog, they're going to be attacking Rosh is a remote part of the north. Because of this, most interpret and identify maygog and Rosh as parts of the former Soviet Union or Russia. She got, you've got Central Asia and basically the nations of the former Soviet Union, Meshek in, Tubol or Turkey, Persia, Iran, Kush Ethiopia, put Libya, Gomer part of the modern Turkey and Beth Gomar part of the modern Turkey. So what you have here is Israel had to come together as a nation again, which they it, and Ezekio, thirty seven, one thousand nine hundred and forty eight, the former Soviet Union nations, along with Turkey. I ran, Ethiopia and Libya are going to attack Israel at the same time and they're going to lose. So keep an eye on these Asians. Lit You're right. Now Persia, Iran is being has been given billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars from the bight administration when Brock was in. They dropped off a plainload of money. So I ran, who has their own prophecies, which we know were false, because their God doesn't exist. There's only one God, Yahweigh. There is no other God in the world, in the universe. But but there their world view is is that they're looking for their e mom. They're twelve one, which you could say could possibly be the antichrist because the world is going to be deceived, but I don't. That's just my own thought. But I ran is working on nuclear weapons. Ethiopia, cush in the Bible, is also it says it represents the southern South, the lands south of Egypt, which is also Sudan. So we have it's really going to be more the Sudanese than it is the Ethiopians. But these nations have a lot of Islam in them. Libya Islam, Turkey kind of a half and half, kind of a modern especially Istanbul, with some some fundamental Islam. And then you have you have a mixture of Russia, which is just this this tote talentary, just this communist mindset in the in the hierarchy of the Russian oligark's. So just listen for the news, as you see, as you see the advancement of globalism in Canada and Mexico, I'm sorry, Canada, and the United States, watch the nation's overseas especially keep an eye on Iran, the Sudan area, Libya, Turkey, in the former Soviet Union nations, because they eventually, at one point, are going to come after Israel. Some called, you know, eventually the war of Armageddon will be coming, because some people believe that when those nations lose, because God's going to shake the earth, there's going to be earthquakes, are going to turn on each other. It says over in revelation nine hundred and sixteen that when the angels are dispersed for judgment, that one of them releases two hundred million demons. Now some people say, well, or it's going to be an army of Chinese, you know, the kings of the east. But either way keep it listen for list you want to keep your eye on China because if it's not, if they're not t two hundred mine, which one thousand nine hundred and seventy one. Back in the S at Chinese briged that they could raise an army of two hundred million. So if it's not two hundred million, kings of the East warriors and its demons. But either way I would keep an eye of China, keep an eye on the former Soviet Union nations, keep an eye on Turkey. I Ran Suon Sudan, Libya, and those are the ones that will be involved in this war. China is advancing communism and I think the way things are forming is we need to be aware. And before I close here, because we're going to briefly go over the great recept none of the stuff that we're talking about should be can. Should fear bring fear in your heart? It should bring you closer to the Lord. You should be aware that things were told in advance. So we're not to be caught off guard or be unaware, like people that have no hope things. UNLESS, and US, there is a revival by the work of the Holy Spirit in the United States and turning back. We are in a position of being judged. Doesn't mean the people individually being judgeing means the nation as a whole. And you can see it in your entertainment. You can see it in the falling away from people that were not Christians but they claim to be, to seeing they decline in everything, the morality, the lack of hope. But let's finish year. So I want you to write. Just remember great reset. It comes out of the world economic form which has been around fifty years, out of Dava Switzerland, the great reset, which Dr Vouchi spoke out to this year's conference along with Chi from China. Their goal is to deconstruct the world. They're using covid nineteen as their catalysts to to get people under subjection to government and for an openness to resetting the world. I'M gonna go quickly and I'll do a whole show on this. I'm going to be a couple minutes, I promise quickly. So it has three it has three components. The first with steer the markets toward fairer outcome ums. The whole goal is equity redistribution and getting rid of stockholder ownership, but stakeholder ownership, which basically means they want governments to partner with corporations like switch, like Venezuela, tried Cuba and other Communist or democratic socialist nations where it ends up collapsing on the people. But they think that if governments could coordinate with and take over the Otto Industry, the finance industry, the health industry, that they could set up tax and regulatory and fiscal policies and fix the trade agreements and create a condition for a stakeholder economy, which means that everybody would have a say in every business, in every decision, and then everybody would be happy. More government should implement long overdue reforms to promote equity. Now they want to they want to redistribute wealth, they want to make sure that the the countries could using oil and gas. They want to have new rules about property and land and acquisitions and and they they want at they want the governments to spend trillions of dollars on stimulus and fighting the climate concerns and build a greener world and an EARF is structure and and they want implement something called an esg scores. This is from their website. They said instead of taking the the the trillions of dollars that countries like America have, they should use the funds, as well as the investments from private entities, public private partnerships, using our, you know, People's k pension funds and stuff, and they should use that to fill the cracks and the like the American capitalistic system create a new one that's more resilient, equitable and sustainable, which means, for example, building green urban infrastructure and creating incentives or industries to Improno ust into this. This is what's going on with corporations up in Canada. So they they want to have public private partnerships, money going through the government and these corporations so they can build a green urban infrastructure, rebuild the country, deconstruct and rebuild it so it can create incentives or industries to improve. You know, apple and coke and NABISCO and calog all these moot change the system from stockholders, that are they have to make profit for him and they want to create incentives or industries to improve their track record on environmental social justice and Governance. Met Tricks. Look those up. PSG. I believe it's possible. Things are wrapping up quickly with artificial intelligence robotics. This now moved to the ESG, which basically would be like a social credit score, which is why the truck drivers up in Canada are now being punished by corporations through their relationship with the government up there, to then say you you're you're not being good. Well then you're going to lose your insurance because the insurance company is working because now the ESG score for the trucker individually is bad. He's not working with the governance, he's not working for the improvement and the betterment and the construction of a more equitable country. So they need to lose the benefits as punishment. Your social justice is terrible because they are they're more worried about their own selves or not worried about redistributing wealth and helping people of Color and joining no special groups and course, environmental. I mean they got their trucks there in a driving semis. So you want to listen, just look that up. EESG score, world economic form, great reset. All right, so it's tie us all together. We know Jesus is coming back at some time. We don't know when, but sooner than later, I hope. We know that we're not to live fearful, because nothing can separate us from the love of God. Who's from, who are in Christ, Jesus? We know that these current trials, they don't compare it to the glory that's waiting for us. So we know that that we're not to fear, but we should be aware of what's going on, we should vote and we should stand against things that will take away liberties from our children or grandchildren. That's why you want to be against the great reset, United Jason's unit, Nations Agenda Twenty thirty and for Public Private Partnerships based off of eesg scorers. And I know it's a mouthful, but if you write it down, am I make sense over time. So what do we do? Same thing we do every day. Are Our walk with the Lord. Can't be emotionally up and down like a Yoyo. The key to Christianity, being a Christian, is Jesus as Lord, not just a guy that we go to church to talk about. Lord means that he is we are seeking his will and we want to walk and step with them. We don't want to turn to the right of the left, we don't want to pursue our own thoughts. We want to through time in the word, in prayer and fellowship and in the church. We want to be in step with God and the Holy Spirit will be helping US walk in step and in Christ so you have to be in prayer, you have to be in the word, you have to make much of the cross, must be prepared to give an answer for the hope to lies within you when asked present the Gospel in a way that's it's simple, and it requires people to repent, to to elevate Christ, to to be Lord and that, if they're called and they will be born from above and in the family of God. That is how this all works out. Then, when we're dealing with the world that is in decline, we say, you know what, come quickly, Lord Jesus, tied to thirteen, we wait for the gloriosuppearing of our great God. Say for Jesus Christ. It's going to it's coming. We don't know when, but we have to be prepared. Why is the serpents gentle as doves not living fearful? Because our king is on the throne. So God bless you guys again. Check my website, Christian talked out life. Christian talked out life. My second sponsor my pillowcom. I love their items. Over a hundred fifty different items. Christian man go ober to my pillowcom. Use the same Promo Code as pure talk to switch your phone service. F ls save up to sixty six percent. He's got close out cells. I get the pillows, a mattresstopper, the towels, sheets, sixty day money by guarantee and all of them. Check them out. It's a portman podcast. I thank you. Tell your friends about this, have them down on my podcast and I'll talk to later. God Blessed