Welcome To Christian Talk With Eric Thompson
Sept. 22, 2021

Christian Talk - How To Love God, Your Spouse, Your Children and The World.

Christian Talk - How To Love God, Your Spouse, Your Children and The World.

Christian Talk - How To Love God, Your Spouse, Children, and The World.God loves us, Jesus demonstrated His love by dying for his elect With the mind of Christ; Men must love their wives who in return must respect their husbands, children must obey their...

Christian Talk - How To Love God, Your Spouse, Children, and The World. God loves us, Jesus demonstrated His love by dying for his elect With the mind of Christ; Men must love their wives who in return must respect their husbands, children must obey their parents, and Christians must love the world for God, and for His glory.


Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life, a podcast for Christ, drink faith, family political issues. Using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours that are light shine before others, so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Toms welcome to another Christian talk. This is our Thompson out, California, on September Twenty First, two thousand and twenty one. Thank you again for joining me hopeful. You had a blessed day in the Lord yesterday we kicked off the podcast a little longer one about an hour. I'm never going to be around thirty to forty minutes. Yesterday I wanted to go over what I believe, after thirty years, with the Lord as being some one that did some church plants have seen the the warts and he and some things that take place and ministries that you really wouldn't be proud about. If you are a Christian and then you see the what God can do through sold out people and ministries that actually have a heart toward his glorification to night we're going to start, the relationships were going to go from. God is Love and God's love for us because in our Christian walk it's about giving God glory. It's about you reciprocating, the love. It says in Romans. Five, eighth to God demonstrated his love in this that while we were sinners, Christ died for us. No greater love. Do it does somebody have for someone else than if they lay their life down, so we're going to go over that? God is love, and then God wants a reciprocal love from us. He doesn't need it, but he it is. It is part of the holy spirits worshipping back to God. Then we're going to get into the marriage relationship if you're single, then just kind of go with me on this, but you're going to see the consistencies in that God loved us. First, so Christ died and then, if we have the mind of Christ, we can then enter into the marriage relationship, because Christ humbled himself. Husbands have to humble themselves. They have to die so that their marriage may live, and then the wife is asked to love the unlovable, which is a husband, because husbands are men and were flawed, but but women love as they are loved and that's part of that's, that's that's the relationship, they God the way he made it men you lead and the way you lead is like how God that is leading us through his word, O to salvation to a sacrifice of a son. Men must die for their marriage, so their marriage can live and then the wife can worship Christ through a husband that is dead, submitted to Christ and then we'll finish up with the children, disciplining children and the admonition for children based off of blow. God is love. It says in First Grantin, thirteen versus for through seven that love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or prouder Rood. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, love never lose his faith. It always it's always hopeful and endures to every circumstance. First, Grantin S, thirteen four through seven God is God's love is perfect and it's a model for how to love. There's a verse in there. That's important it does not it and it keeps no record of being wronged. Jesus said that if you don't forgive people, then you won't be forgiven. He didn't say if you don't forget people unless they do these things to you, you said if you, if you have my heart and my Holy Spirit in you, and you know how much I love you that my son died for you, then you must forgive. So you can experience forgiveness first, John, four, eighteen such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear if we are afraid it is for fear of punishment, and this shows that we have not fully experienced his or God's perfect love. We spoke about this yesterday in Roman's ain't. You don't fear, God in a sense of abandonment. We have a reverence, for God, a healthy fear, but if you are feeling fearful as in a loss of relationship but you're pressing in then it's not from God, it is from the enemy. God calls us to repentance. He calls us to to come to him in faith, not to run from him in fear. We spoke about yesterday, Romans, eight thirty, five, thirty, seven to thirty nine. You can go, listen o yesterday's podcast, but nothing can separate you from God's love. If nothing can separate you, then if you feel separated, it's not true. God's love is too great to fully understand. There's a saying: If you can understand God completely, then your God is too small right now. We Know God partially in the Resurrection, will know fully so don't get too carried away with. I don't understand everything that's happening in my life. I don't understand why my kids are doing this. I don't. I don't understand, because I feel like I'm doing everything right, but Christianity, being an adopted, son or daughter of the living God doesn't mean like we yesterday remember. Jesus said I father. I pray that you don't take. My children, my spiritual children, my sons and daughters out of the world, but that you would keep them from the evil one while they're in the world, the fegans three and eighteen through nineteen says and may you have the power to understand as all God's people should how wide how long? How high and how deep God's love is. May You experience the love of Christ, though it is too wide to fully understand. Then you will be made complete with all fullness of life and power that comes from God, patients, three eighteen through nineteen and there's a lot more. You just do a search on love, but that that should give you give you a good basis for in our relationships as humans in the family unit or if you're single understand that you are set apart, that God is working through you and if you pursue God as he loves you and you walk in face, then, if it's in your heart and it's in his will, then you will have a spouse. Come across your life just stay in prayer, but focus on God making much of him making much of the Cross. In the beginning, when God made the heavens in the earth eventually after the animals and the birds and the fish and everything and everything's is being created, he makes Adam. He makes man out of the dirt, and then he says: Okay, Adam you're, going to name the animals, boy, girl, boy, girl, boy girl and after when he gets on it man, I don't is kind of a bummer. I don't have the girl, the female of me. So Genus is two: Twenty Four. After an eve was made and they became one. It says. Therefore, a man shall leave his father and his mother hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh. So what happens at that point? If you're one, then how could you ever become? Not One? It sounds like well, I know, but people do it all the time. Well, this is where we're going to get him to the mind of Christ. Okay. This is how this is how, when you become one because God loved you. First, God saved you, you're not unequally, yoked you're, marrying someone who's, also a true Christ follower, and you understand the love of God. Then we're supposed to have you need to have the mind of Christ, so it Philippians two says this. This is talking about Christians. Therefore, if you haven't, if you have any encouragement for being united in Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the spirit of any tenderness and compassion than make my joy complete by being like minded having the same love being one in spirit and of mine, Missus Paul talking to the flippins, do nothing out of a out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, rather in humility, value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interest, but each of you to the interest of others. Did you get that common? A gape, love? Don't do things in the body of Christ, out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, rather than humility, value others, above yourselves, not looking to your own interest. What he means by that is all I want to set in the best seat. I should be on the worship team. I should know: That's not that's not how it works, because it's for God's glory it's for Christ, Sake not looking to your own interests, but each of you to the interest of others now in relations to one another then were to have that same mindset and even deeper the mindset of Christ. This is flippin's, two six Jesus being very nature: The exact representation, the second member of the Trinity, the Son of God, God, the son who being very nature God did not consider a quality with God, something to be used in his own advantage. Rather, he made himself nothing taking on the very servant, the very nature of a servant being made in human likeness and being found in appearance as a man. He humbled himself being obedient to death, even death on a cross. So you have the son of God who created all things. All things are created by men form. You see that in First John and in Clausen's one yet for the sake of connecting with his created people, Jesus took on the form of a man. He came down to Earth and and he's like all right. I'm going to go down and I'm going to I'm going to become a man, so I can understand what they feel like so then, when I die, I can as they it's as their high priest for eternity, be able to understand what they went through, how they felt the temptations. He was tempting in all ways, but he did not sin that is what's different between Jesus Christ and US. Okay, we have to go to our sponsors, real, quick, then we're going to talk about the mindset of Christ and we're going to go to the husband, the wife and the child in the relationships based off of love in the body of Christ. Get My name's Er Thompson, I'll be back in two minutes or sponsor is my pillow right down the Promo Code? F, L S frankly, Ma am fls that'll say get to sixty six percent. I love their stuff. I have a lot of it. My pillowcase last an freedom phone. If you have like an android phone and you want to be private not tracked by a Google get the freedom phone. 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It's deep or we can't fully understand it, but we do understand that God demonstrated as loving this that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us now we're talking about the humility that it takes when you go into a marriage relationship or in relationships in general, but especially in a marriage relationship. There has to be humility because try to picture this, you have two people and let's be real clear about this- a man and a woman. It's not that complicated because God in the beginning, made man and woman and they together in Genesis, one twenty seven and said so: God created man in his image in the image of God, He created him male and female, created at him and what God brings together. No Man should separate one flesh, so when these two sinners that are saved by Christ through Christ are then brought together in marriage, then what has what happens? Is You have two different personalities that are still has flesh? They both have flesh wanting their way. That's why we were talking about, have the mind of Christ who, for the sake of love and for redeeming the elect, so that he would have a bride, the bride of Christ. It says in Flippins, too, if we go back to verse three about Christians in general: do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, rather humility, value, others above yourselves, not looking to your own interest. This is for, but each of you to the interest of others in your relationships with others, including marriage, especially have the same mindset as Jesus cries to being that God in nature, did not consider it equality with them. In other words, he was willing to empty some attributes without without ceasing to be God, he always Jesus was, and will always be God, but he emptied he empty some of his attributes, so he could come down taking on the form of a servant being made like in human likeness and then being found as a man born in a major growing up twelve years old. We see him that he's teaching the religious leaders as he grew in knowledge and then but the whole time he came to die and to rise from the dead and to conquer death, to be seated at the right hand of the father is as a high priest interceding for us and our Lord and Saviour. That's why we make much of the cross o humility, love, humility and you don't keep wrongs Kelver. I egent five. Let's deal with the first part, Walk in love to the little good title for the first versus verse. One S Paul writing to the church and emphasis to the Christians, therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children and Walk in Love as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God, but sexual immorality and all impurity or covenances must not be named among you, as as it is proper among the saints that there be no filthiness or foolish talk nor crew joking they're out of place, but instead let there be Thanksgiving and for sure make sure of this that everyone is sexually a moral or impure or cabinets covetice. That is an idolator, has no inheritance in the Kingdom of God, and it goes on. So we must walk in love, but we also can't tolerate sin in the church in the body right. You can't you can't allow Tis, open, rebellious filthiness in in the church. That's why there's church discipline now think of these parallels when we get here to the marriage relationship, so God brings man and woman together they become one with the intention that no no one would ever separate them, because that would be tearing and would cause a lot of pain and divorce is not God's will and there's always a circumstance that I know people can come up with, but in general, if both people have been praying seeking the Lord and they come together, then there's a piece and there's a h, humility and there is a servant heart from each member going in. That's not how a lot of people inter marriage so keep that in mind with all of that in place. Okay, we just spoke about Christians in general to walk in love to to give up things to not be self serving so five, twenty two wives submit to your husband's as to the Lord that it does not say submit to your husband's because he's special because he's perfect because he's exactly what you want every day, wives, but you submit your husbands as unto the Lord, for the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is ahead of the church, his body and is himself its savior. Now, as the Church submits to Christ, a wive should submit in everything to her husband's. Why does that make sense? Because wives, you are called to lay down your life and to love the Lord, with all your Heart's soul, mind and strength. The husband, just like a pastor in a church or Jesus Christ over his body, is responsible to provide protect to love to wash in the word to be building up and to cherishing you so out of humility, walking in love. God is asking women to continue to pursue him and as the one as the husband is pursuing him too. For the sake of unity in accountability, they they submit to a man who, in verse, Twenty Five Husbands, love your wives as Christ, loved the Church and gave himself up for her. God is love. Jesus Christ is love, Jesus died to save us and we are in adopted into the family of God. He humbled himself, even though he was God taking on the form of a CERN being killed in us, walking in the spirit not trying to gain our own desires, all the time and demanding demanding people to make right every wrong, they've done to us, and then we get to the husband. He asked to tell him love your wives, love your wife, like should, like Christ, loved the Church, and he gave himself he died for her that he might sanctify her that the husband might sanctify the wife having clenched her by the washing of water with the word, in other words, men. The only way you can do this is to be in God's word and then, when you are in the word, and the Holy Spirit shows you something you share, that you wash your wife with the word. So again, wives submit your own husbands as to the Lord, for Hus, for the husband is a head of the wife, even as Christ is head of the church, his body and is himself its saviour now as the Church submits to Christ, the wives comit in everything to her husband but husbands, love your wives as Christ, loved the Church and gave himself for her so that he might sanctify her having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word, so he might present the church to himself in splendor without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing that she might be holy and without blemish. In the same way, husband should love their wives as their own bodies. Okay. So let's stop here for a second, are you hearing what I'm saying the culture? Something called a galateas where they they reject God and they reject God's structure of things. This is why they say: Well, yeah we have a man in the man, that's getting married! Well, no God made man. He made man that man is consisting of man and woman yeah, but no, that's not how it works. We don't add to scripture, so listen to this as we go deeper into the man's responsibility here, so women wives, when you're thinking about how do I, how do I pursue Christ and submit to the Godly request or leading of my husband well he's told to love you, wives and men. You are to love your wives, that's unconditional! That is completely and to share the word wither and build her up in the word and then men, you are to love your wives as your own body. He who loves his wife loves himself for no one has ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes it and cherishes it just as Christ as the church, because we are members of his body. This is quoting genesis. Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife. The two shall become one flesh. This mystery is profound and I'm saying that it refers to Christ and the church. However, let each one of you love his wife is himself and let the wife see that she respects or her husband. When that happens, it's beautiful. It shows the world a relationship with Christ and the church out of that produces offspring children and we raise them up in the abbondio o. The Lord we raise them up, as the word tells us, as a Holy Spirit leads us and how and in the mind of love and in just like Paul said, you can't have sin, you can't have disobedience, you can't have ungodliness in your house just like it can happen in the church. It's as an Ephesian six one through three children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Remember in the Ten Commandments on your father and mother of Egan. Six One children obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right, verse to honor Your Father and mother, which is the first commandment with the promise and what's The promise for children, if you obey your parents in the Lord, it would be so that it may turn out well for you and that you may live long on the earth. Your life will be blessed children. If you submit to the Authority, God has given the parents as they are accountable for you, children, if you're listening to this, and how does this work, God does not say be friends with your children. Make your children like you, do what the children want, give them the nicest thing, so they think you're cool you, don't let your kids ever be mad at you. That's not what it says. Just like the man are responsible for teaching their wife, the word of God, as their reading at first in the holy spirits, pointing out things to share with their wife to help wash her and to sanctify her it's his parents. You have to train a child up in the way that he should go train. How do you train if you're working out you lift weight? You run sprints and you whatever the sport? Is You go to a driving range if you're a golfer, you bicycle up hills if you're a bicyclist proverbs thousand a two six train up a child in the way that he should go and when he grows old he will not abandon it. There is relationships for you in the body of Christ when it comes to people outside the body of Christ. That's the difficulty right we're going to end with this, as as we go through topics, if we're going through politics in the future, if we're going through social issues that we're going through economics keep in mind and we covered, I covered it yesterday that the world is marching to the beat of the evil one, because this is his world until Christ reclaims it in revelation nineteen, so we're living among people who God's not calling who do the will of their father, the devil and live carnal lives and everything. I just told you in America, two thousand and twenty one they would spit out all of it so because they first hated the prophets and they killed Christ. Jesus said they're not going to like you. They hated me and they're going to hate you, as we are aliens passing through a foreign land controlled by satanic activity. So when you, when you deal with the world, we still want to have the mind of Christ. We still want to be humble. We still want to be long suffering. We still want to be Christ, a light to the world, but don't trust put your trust in the unbeliever. Don't get unequally yoked with unbelievers, don't get in relationships, business agreements, anything that you can privately corporate, that's a different thing, but in your private life you don't want to get in relationships where you have someone who does not fear God who will have those same calls of humility, because if you have a secular person, who's working off their flesh, it's going to cause a lot of problems down the road, especially the deeper. The relationship goes we're supposed to expect our families and other people that are not. Christians do not appreciate our faith, because the Bible says that the cross is foolishness to people who are perishing, but we are to have empathy we are to. We are to like Paul said we kind of owe loving the unlovable at times, because we have salvation and they don't and we have the gift of eternal life and they don't and there's nothing. They can do in this world to equate to what we have and if they die in their sins, then they will spend eternity separated from love. So there is my take on relationships. Humility. You don't keep a record of wrongs, you're always looking out for other people, and I know we're all going to mess it up at times. But in the end, that's all we can do right. That's all we can do in the name of Christ. So husbands, love, your wives, Die Wash e in the word. Why I submit to your husband as you're doing it to Jesus say Lord help, my husband to be what he's supposed to be. If he's not kids obey your parents and I go well with you. I love the world for Jesus's sake, so I'll talk to you guys later take care o