Welcome To Christian Talk With Eric Thompson
Feb. 20, 2022

Christian Talk - God’s Not Progressive, He Doesn’t Change. Christians Must Live Accordingly

Christian Talk - God’s Not Progressive, He Doesn’t Change. Christians Must Live Accordingly

Christian Talk - God's Not Progressive, He Doesn't Change. Christians Must Live AccordinglyCheck out our new God's Not Progressive T-Shirthttps://GNP.World
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Christian Talk - God's Not Progressive, He Doesn't Change. Christians Must Live Accordingly Check out our new God's Not Progressive T-Shirt https://GNP.World



Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life. I'LL PODCAST for Christ. I'll bring faith, family political issues, using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours. Let our light shine before others so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson. Hi, welcome to another Christian talk podcast. Thank you so much for joining me. My name is our Thompson out here in California. It's Saturday February nineteen. Thank you for listening in. Please check out my website, Christian talk dot life. Christian talk dot life. You can fill out the contact form if you want to reach me. You can download other other podcast you can read articles I'm writing on today about our new t shirts that we have out. It's going to promote the PODCAST, but the only ten dollars. So if you want to join in on what we're going to be building on a t shirt which the website link its GNP for God's not progressive dot world. That's going to link over to my page on Magabook, one of my webs my platforms, but the t shirt says straightforward, God's not progressive, and that's what we're going to speak about today on this podcast. God has characteristics like he's omnipresent, he's everywhere, he's omniscient, he knows all things, omnipotent, all powerful, but he's also immutable. He doesn't change. And why is that important? Because everything in your life is changing right everything's changing. Think about it. Look what technology has done. Used to be if you remember back. I know some of you may even been before me, but I remember in the S S. I remember when the phone would ring, there was one phone line and if somebody was on the phone, which the phones were expensive back then, then the person trying to call in would get a busy signal and they could not get in until the purse the first call was hung up. I know, if you even go back farther to the S and earlier than, you actually had to go through an operator to get a phone patched over to your phone. But Technology has taken that situation, which went from not being able to get through and then eventually they had call waiting, which would you would get a beep if you're on the phone, to say somebody else is trying to call. Do you want to click over? And see if you want to switch drop the other call and go, or do you just want to ignore it and it goes away too? Then voice mails was set up so you could be on the phone and somebody could go to voicemail. You get learned and now it's like people can get a hold of you twenty four hours a day. You can get information twenty four hours a day, etc. Etc. If you look at medicine, now robots are operating on people, I mean the x rays and all this different technology. Now these little micro a little robots to go in through your valves and hearteries and tell you what's going on. Look how people shop now. Billions and billions and tens of billions of dollars is spent online, where you never go into a store, you never see the owner, you never touch the product. It just shows up at your house, which is how you would get our new tshirts your room and they show up in the mail and you've got a nice, professional, quality teacher. Only paid ten bucks for him. So it's it's pretty cool, but everything keeps changing. There's even a significant number of people now, because of Covid, and I'm not saying this is good I'm saying it's maybe practical right now. Maybe you've moved, maybe your church is not open anymore, but there's people who's church service is now online, etc. But the Nice thing about God, the Trinity, doesn't change. It says in Hebrews Thirteen eight Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever over. Numbers Twenty three, nineteen, nineteen. It says God is not human, that he should lie, not a human, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? Those are, course, rhetorical questions. The world wants you to change. The world wants Christians to quit being Christians. The world wants conservative people to quit being conservative. And the reason why we have to go to the word of God for Truth and for our answers and we have to trust in God is because it says in Jeremiah that the our hearts are deceipiely wicked. No one can know their hearts to hear our hearts are our core being. Is Created People in Adam is corrupt, says in Romans at all of sending fallen short of the glory of God and no one truly seeks after God, not one. And why this is important to to push in on and to accept and to live by is because right now Christians are supposed, are being asked to to be loving, to be not tolerant, but to be accepting of sin. So someone says, I am of the Lgbtq a plus two, whatever they're adding to it, if, if they are of that, if they are a lesbian, homosexual, trans whatever, whatever, we're supposed to because God is love. We're supposed to love them because, you know, they were born that way or that's what they feel God is calling them to be. People say, well, you know, I believe that it's okay for me to do pot and drugs because, hey, it's grown naturally. And you know, God the Bible. When they wrote the Bible they really couldn't they didn't really know how to describe it. So things have progressed. You know, it's an evolving book. Well, yeah, I know, the Bible says like you're not really supposed to be having relations outside of marriage, but you know, this is two thousand and twenty two and things have changed. So we got to progress a little bit. The culture is changing, so the we got to look at the Bible and light of these, the culture friend of mine was on ticktock. He actually went to a Christian, quote unquote, Group on Tick Tock, which I don't even know how that works, but guess it's alive. And they were actually saying Christians running a group. The people could watch that exact thing. Well, the Bible says you shouldn't do this, but hey, it's two thousand and twenty two. So you know what, what are we going to do? People aren't just going to people are kids us and they're not going to resist sexual activity. So let's just kind of get over the this. It expectation that they can. But this isn't new, because my wife went to a woman's Bible study years ago and and she said that we were raising our children homeschool to be virgins at marriage, you know, on marriage, on the marriage to night. And they said, what is that possible? See, it's this, it's just evolving. It's just evolving. Curse. You can actually go back to eve. What did God tell out of an eve? You can eat from any tree in the garden except that one. And so, with the double said to her, Lucifer came to her. Did God really say that you cannot eat that tree. Well, yeah, I'm not supposed to eat it, but we're not, and we're not supposed to touch it, which is what they weren't. They weren't told they couldn't touch it, but it was just kind of a yeah, in her mind she had determined how that was supposed to apply, but then all it took was Lucifer to drill down a little bit. No, the reason why you should change and now eat of it is because God doesn't want you to be knowing good and evil and being like him. So he doesn't want you to challenge him, or so that's why he's saying. And he doesn't want you to have all this all this extra power. He doesn't want you to be like him. Oh really. So she ate handed to her to Adam, who was standing there, and they were both naked. When God establishes his truths, they don't change. Malachi three six, for I am the Lord and I do not change. Therefore, you, Oh children of Jacob, you're not consumed. In other words, if I was an angry God, that would change and go against my covenant. Yeah, you know, I could, I could take you guys out, but I don't change numbers two, three, nineteen. God is not a man that he should lie or a son of man that he should change his mind. Has he said and will he not do it? Or has he spoken and has not? But built it? So God doesn't change. And I've done I've done podcast on this and you can go back through Christian talked out life and hear the podcast by went over sexual sin and all the different things that God has laid out for his creation, to protect the people from getting hurt or in trouble and for bringing glory to upon himself for people being obedient unto to his word. But if God says it and it's in his word, not I have a new word from the Lord. We're not talking about they were talking about what God has. Like Peter says, everything necessary for Godly living. All we all we need is believers. is in scripture. It's all there, because everything is changing and eroding and going to eventually pass away everything. So if you, if you know someone, or if your emotional person and you keep going from yes, I know it says, but and jumping all over, you're going to be a Yo Yo, because there's always new things coming and always things passing away. Things going from great to bad. Just look at if you're if you're like me and in your s now, you're looking at yourself going I'm not what I was. I haven't been for quite a while and but I can't stop it. In Matthew Thirty Five, Jesus said Heaven and earth will pass away. The progressing, they're changing, the mountains are changing in height and the snow and the water and the in the topography, but my words will not pass away. Isaiah Forty Eight, God says the grass withers and the flower fades, but the word God will stand forever. So are you standing on God's Word or are you standing on the culture? I had a solar appointment. I was selling solar and I had a really nice lady and we had connected and our faith during the appointment and she's you know, we were going to just going over God's Truth and Heaven and Hell and all that, and this is about five, six years ago, I think, and she and then we get we got to I think it was her nephew, and she said, well, what do you think of homosexuality? I said, well, God says it's an abomination to him and sexual offender. So not the hero the Kingdom of God, and that includes people to practice almost sexuality. And all the sudden this lady that was amen to scripture beat well became progressive on me and said, well, my nephew is a good kid and so God is going to overlook his sin and he's going to be okay with it. So when we get back from our this break care then we'll keep talking about it. What do you think of bad? So my first sponsor here is this is my no brainer, number one, I call it. Only have two sponsors I cover here. There's more on the website. 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She was going to be progressive and and and believe that God was going to change. God does not change. To have sexual relations outside of marriage is fornication. It does God gets no glory and people having sexual relations outside of marriage none. God did not make man and woman to be doing that, which is why it says in Genesis he made Adam, he made woman, he called her eve, and together they they came together as Adam won flesh. Using profanity will always be a sin. Getting drunk will always be a sin, lying will always be a sin. Murder, well, ten commandments will never change. Worshiping an idol will always be a sin, murder, lying, disrespecting your parents, on and on, says in Psalm Ninety two before the mountains were brought forth, wherever you had formed the earth or the world, from everlasting to everlasting, you are God. Isaiah Forty Twenty eight. Have you not known? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the crater of the ends of the Earth. He does not faint or grow weary. His understanding is unsearchable. Isaiah forty four six. Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel, and his redeemer, the Lord of hosts. I am the first, I am the last. Besides me there is no god, which is when you get over to revelation twenty. Revelation twenty thirteen sounds familiar. Jesus says I am the AUF of the Omega, the first in the last, beginning the end. So God doesn't change, which is good, because he, God knows US intimately, says in Psalm one hundred and thirty nine, fifteen and sixteen. God loves us so much that he knows us more intimately than we know ourselves, because it says that he knew us before we were born. He Knit us together and our mother's womb. So God's knows you and he creates you in the womb and then after we're born, he then is present in our lives. In general, revelation that we can look at the world and go, okay, yeah, I can see their stars and I can see the moon and I can see that people smile and I can see and so there's a there's a an awareness that God is and then when we get older, we start to get gifts and we start to figure out things are you know that people love us because says I for James One hundred and twelve. Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above. It comes down from the father of lights and whom there's no variation or shadow due to change. So we know that God doesn't change, we know that God doesn't lie. Then we know that God is the same yesterday to day and forever, and we know that the world is the opposite, says a second Timothy Two hundred and thirteen. If we are faithless, God remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself. The reason why I want to do is podcast is to encourage you. God was before, in the beginning, he established a plan, he called his elect if you're a Christ follower, then you're listening to this and you believe, and then, if you listen to my other podcast, you know that your responsibility is to be in prayer and God's word, to love God, to know God and to make much of him, and then to expand out. If you're married and you're you and your spouse come together as one, and then the children, and then you're available for God to be used in the world to do good works, knowing that we have no ability in ourselves to say people because outs without Jesus, he said, without me, you can do nothing. We can't do anything without Christ we can't do anything for the kingdom's sake without the holy spirit in US empowering us. So the fact that God is thought of us before he created anything and he set us apart to be part of the elect and then he knit us together in our mother's womb and then he blessed us and he he showed us as his existence, to creation as a child. And then the day that we finally respond to that calling in our heart and we believe by faith. and well, that's going on. That that that march towards sanctification, when we believe by faith and we're saved, everything else around us, especially in the United States, is going the other way. Well, yes, it used to be the MOM and dad and children would sit and have dinner and talk and work things out and go to church and encourage each other. And now it's like, well, what's a family? How do you define a family? How you did? How do you define what a boy is? Did you know that boy, that boys can have periods and pregnancies? And then there's all this change and when I want to encourage you with today is to remember who you are in Christ, to remember that God doesn't Change Age, to remember that he's immutable. He's not progressive. God's not tied up in social justice movements. He's not trying to be liked by people. We were told that if, if we love God and we want to be a true Christ follower, than that one of the signs as we would pick up our cross daily and follow Jesus. That's what Jesus said to him. told the rich Man Rule, rich young ruler, you're wealthy. Keep the Commandments. He said. Well, rabbi, to Jesus, I've kept these commandments. Murder, lying and all this stuff. And he's like, well then, okay, you have you know, because this guy had young, you've his wealthy, wealthy. Okay, fine, go sell everything and follow me, the Creator the universe who loves with an with a supernatural UN just see for humans until we get to glory with him, an unknowable love, level of love. So Jesus said, Hey, come to me, to the one who created you, who loves you beyond imagination. Let's give up the money. It says he went away sad because he had great wealth. Now we're not supposed to be angry or combative when rejecting the calls from the culture to be progressive with them. They say, well, you know, you should, you you should endorse or embrace transgenderism. You should embrace this, you should, you know, drink a few beers with that. It's okay to get drunk, you know, don't have cassie member. I've done this an earlier podcast. We're not supposed to be walking with this. We're not supposed to be walking with the sinful, the people who are fleeing, you know, that are chasing sin, or sitting with goffers. Well, we're not supposed to be in friendships with people in darkness, because then you will be in those positions where they're going to try to pull you from your light into darkness with them. And the only way that that that will work for their sake is if you become dim or if you're not saved in your light goes out. But if you are light, if you're a light for God, if the holy spirits in you and you're in the word, there then there they'll be no fellowship with light, with darkness. So you want to be a light to help people in darkness who were chasing change. We're trying to be progressive here, trying to be more tolerant and say, you know what, God doesn't change. He created all things. His word is in place. He's going to return again and judge the world. These are the rules, this is what God expects from his creatures, from the people he created in those rules prevent us from getting hurt, which is why they're loving. The laws are loving. God's not a cosmic kill joy, because the things that he's keeping you from would be sin anyway. Whoa your God? You know you're kind of looked up, tied over there, guys. What okay? What? What am I not supposed to be doing? Well, you know, it's okay to cuss a little bit, it's okay to drink a little bit, it's okay to have a little bit of fun with the girls. You know, it's okay. Let's not. It's sin. Will. What's wrong with drinking? You could be an alcoholic, you could have problems with your livery, you could kill somebody drunk driving. You could end up in a in a situation where you're blaming alcohol for your stupid decisions. See, if you just think it's too rationally. Trust in God, don't trust in men, don't trust and change. Trust in what you know and, like Jesus said, the world's going to pass away, but my word will not change. He said not one dot of the law has been removed. But Jesus completed the law, which is why it by grace were saved and faith by faith. We then are set. We are saved from the law through his death on the cross, but the law still in place. You realize that for the world, the laws in place use God's aim in vain. Big No, no, murder, adultery, stealing from you neighbor, all that stuff. The law judges those who are not in Christ and they're going to want you to join the party. But the since the sin is getting more progressive than the world's going to ask you to join them. And when you don't, then you're a hateful person because, though, then they feel convicted. So stay strong in your faith as you spend time in the word and in prayer and in fellowship, and try to be lights for people that are in darkness and don't change because God doesn't sold what let's let's do what God does and not what the culture does. So hope that helps you. Is Plenty of verses there, but you can listen to the playback on this. God loves you. He's got a plan for you. He's got good works for you set up. Just go do them, and that's look for our save me to return. Like I says in' tightest to thirteen, the wait for the gorsuppeeraring of our God, Great God and Saviors, Jesus Christ. 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