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Sept. 29, 2021

Christian Talk - God Establishes Governments, How Should We React When They Are Immoral?

Christian Talk - God Establishes Governments, How Should We React When They Are Immoral?

God Establishes Governments, How Should We Live When They Immoral? Should Christians Vote?In Romans 13 the Apostle Paul says that human government has been instituted by God and invested with legitimate authority. Should we fight them, or pray for them?

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God Establishes Governments, How Should We Live When They Immoral? Should Christians Vote? In Romans 13 the Apostle Paul says that human government has been instituted by God and invested with legitimate authority. Should we fight them, or pray for them?


Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson, a thoughtful podcast helping Christians navigate life, a podcast for Christ, great faith, family political issues. Using God's word, the Bible. The victory is ours that our light shine before others, so they may glorify our father in heaven. Welcome to Christian talk with Eric Thompson. I welcome to another addition here of Christian talk, my name's Ark Thompson. California, it is September Twenty, eight, two thousand and twenty one. If you guys had a blessed day today, we're going to talk about government we're going to go ver. How, then, should we live? How should we function? How do how do we? How do we support and honor our leaders without actually endorsing, or you know, defense, we don't we just. We just have to deal sometimes with people in office that are like the thing about Christianity, the thing about being a Christ follower the thing about being a child of God, because we're not a religious sect, we're not a part of a fake, false religion. We are in a relationship with our savior. We are adopted into the family of God through the work of Jesus Christ. On the cross, and so as being people that are passing through and the more I think about it, I definitely want to write a book about this idea that we're in the world, but not of the world. So when just like, when Israel was taken away into captivity because they were living, immoral lives and and Jeremiah told them, the king don't put your trust in Egypt and they did anyway and they resisted Babylon, and then it ended up costing them the king and the sons were killed, and then they were taking away into captivity because they didn't listen to garden in general. God Establishes Governments, God lifts up Kings, he takes down kings, so believe it or not. The team in the Oval Office, the President and the vice president and the speaker of the House and the majority leader who don't don't live lives at all, consistent with being Christian people, the policies are passing or amphithea toward godly living and the result of them being in those positions. Is Sin is abounding more and more people are more depressed. People are feeling less hopeful, but how are we supposed to be? How do we act in this situation now? I know it seems bad, but if you try to picture how bad Paul had it when he was writing and Peter when you have nero killing Christians for entertainment in the colosseums and burning them to death as candles I mean, and just the the flat out dishonesty blaming the fire and Rome on the Christian, so then the culture would turn on him. There's nothing new Jesus said they hated me. So they'll hate you. But how do you? How do we function? How do we as Christians function in this situation? In our situation today, Paul wrote to the Romans about this inspired by the Holy Spirit in Romans. Thirteen, where Paul said that the human government that all human government has been instituted by God and invested with the legitimate authority he wrote, let every person be subject to the governing authorities, for it is, there is no authority, except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. It's hard to to get your head around this, but for someone like me that grew up in the Midwest and grew up thinking, our government was good, empower and looking out for us the idea that God would lift up immoral people to allow to move on the hearts of people and regardless, if it was fraud that got him in the in the into the Oval Office President Biden or what whatever happened. This is God's will so therefore verse to says Aromas, Thirteen or therefor, whoever resists the authorities resists. What God is appointed in those who resist will encourage judgment, but rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad. Would you not have fear you would have no fear of the one who is in authority if you didn't do anything wrong, so then do what is good and receive his approval, for He is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong be afraid, so the first thing is: we live in a fallen world. We are living amongst people that Orient to all things that got everything you can think of every debauchery everything you can imagine. If you live in a in a pretty large city, there's people that are getting murdered, there's women getting raped, there's been getting raped. Nowadays you got children being brainwashed in schools, you've got a sexual salt. You Got Drugs, you've got porn, you got so we live. We live amongst people that love sin and we ourselves are people that battle our flesh. Like Paul said, I look inside and I see my flesh and my spirit warring. I wish I would cut doing things I don't want to do and I was wish I would do things I should be doing so when we, when we don't march down the street as fast as burning things down like black lives matter, Antipa it's because our home is heaven and our God has instituted the governments in place, the ones that we don't like as Americans. At least I don't, but I have to remember that when I go to work, writing my political articles and when I do my podcast and I try to encourage people that I'm honoring and pay my taxes, I'm honoring, I'm doing it for God who established the government, I'm not doing it because I endorse the government, that's in place. So when someone says well, I'm a Christian, but I hate such and such we're supposed to pray, be praying for people in Authority, kings and rulers, because we want them to be saved right. So if we live lives that are that are we're contending for righteous causes. We are. We are sharing the Gospel and we are doing what God says to do when it comes to going to church or whatever we obey God over man. But when it comes to general civics, God has put the government that we don't like at least I don't like in in power. So I have to respect God and in an effect, then I end up honoring the government and pay the taxes and because, in my blesh I would say, I'm not paying taxes because they are blowing at giving it to legal aliens and wasting all my money and they're teaching critical race theory in the school. So I'm not going to, but that's not how you do it. VERSOVA CHAPTER SAYS: Pay To pay to all what is owed to them, taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is ode in respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed. I mean, if you think about it. The government's job is to restrain wickedness right, it's to it's, a great environment where people can live morally and it punishes the evil doers. It supports the the the law keepers, but our government has to do a lot with punishingpeople and it also has to deal with you know just in America, the roads, the hospital you have they function. So that's so that is something that that we can be part of. If we work at these, you know work at these jobs or if the government is going to spend money we can and should have a say, but but we can't get do a doing an attempted overthrow of the government. Every time we don't get what we want as Christians, because we are passing through, we don't want to be entangled in the world. We don't want to be angry. We don't want people to say that that church, the the way the Christians are the evil ones because of the violence they do, and we don't do that so government and in fact, when a government works the way it's supposed to like it, used to it's a gift from God, because they are punishing evil doers. They are keeping things running, then keep them clean and they're, letting us just focus on our life, but obviously when they start to go south, then we have to realize that there's a couple things that's under way. First of all, even though governments are set up for good people in government are evil. Just like all humanity is, has a sin problem so just like in the United States we started out pilgrims and then more people came over from the Dutch and then Spain and France in Ireland and then all and so then we're forming, but were then it's o then were mixing of the puritans with Pagans with people who, eventually, as we get God big enough in the revolutionary war. People then started to go out west, so they could have their saloons and their all their immoral life. But the thing is government government is its job is to in America to preserve our liberty. So we can live peaceably, but when it doesn't happen, then, or if we're, if we see something that is illegal or it's against the law, then we report it. Doesn't it doesn't mean where we go, hide and just say: Oh well, an act. Sixteen Apostle Paul, he was a Roman citizen and he was entitled to do process, but they didn't know he was Roman and the local magistrates. Because of the pressure of a mob, they denied him due process, the unlawfule carceration him, and then they attempted to sweep it under the carpet when they found out. Oh no you're, a Roman citizen. We're sorry here is a sponge. Here are some new clothes, but Paul said No. I pealed a Caesar. I want people to know that, there's that you are in the government, you are unjust and you need to be. You need to be called out for justice for Righteousness Sakes. So you see this Christians we're trusting in God. We understand he put the government in place, but if we see things we do report it through the process, the process that's in place, we don't start beating people up and going nuts, because Paul basically just held them to their own legal standards, is not rebellious to question the legality of an action or decision by a magistrate. So that's what that this comes up a lot. When I hear well, I'm not going to vote people say because I going to leave it up to God, because goods Gods in control- and so I'm just going to keep going to church living my life and in God's going to do it anyway. So why do I have to be involved? I hope you see the problem with that because I just said Paul just said that you know what h I'm living my life and these guys are. This guy just went outside the law so for the government to be able to punish evil doers and to keep law and order and because God put them in place as our servants as our leaders than I'm going to pray for them, and I'm going to make sure that I assist themin having lawed order. So we have a a piece in our community. We we're going to go to our sponsors here. My pillowcase check them out. Please you can use my Promo Code. F, T R for finish the race AFTR and check out will save you up to sixty six percent. When you check out my pillow com from a code. F, tr and if you need a new cell phone, get one from freedom phoneme, it's like you're android, except it's going to give you privacy back us a promo coat, save it check out. I might bend adventure on my pillow. Thanks to your support. You've he make my pillow become one of the fastest growing companies in America. Over the last twelve years. You tell my pill or treat thousands of jobs right here in the USA. 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If I can summarize waver at we, we may not trust our governing authorities, especially if you saw the herd about the generals. Bins. Generals testified today in front of a Senate, Communi Committee and basically just totally contradicted everything that our president has been saying, and then a White House press secretary has been contradicting and the homeland security. So we have a lot of ungodly people up above us, but we are not to be were not to have our trust in government authorities, but we have to trust God, since God is the one that put him in those positions it could be for just a temporary pruning of our country could be for judgment on our country could just be to wake us up. That's not our job. To try to figure out. We just know there's godless people that are in our government, which they're always is there. There is always got this people, but we're all falling. So there may be politicians that you think are are doing better for us and they're going to have issues, but we all do so. That's why that's why, when, when we are considering who to vote for which? Yes, Christians, if you can get to the get to the Poles, if you can boat, you must boat well, no, I don't think I should okay well or I heard this well, I don't like any candidates or not they're. None of them are moral enough further. They have issues if God allowed our government system to be established in this country and we have the ability to vote for righteous causes and you have the ability and I have the ability to cast a vote. That says you know what maybe we're voting on. Should the abortion clinic be closed in town or that this politician wants to raise taxes and, let's Mark Ism- and this one wants us to stay, free and and Christians stay home. Then the ungodly gets an office, and then it affects your life, your if you have children or grandchildren, and your community affects everyone's lives. If we, the people of God, don't vote because we are looking for God just to do it and we're not going to do anything or because we can't find people moral enough to represent US you're voting for the person that you think will do righteous things in line with what God's heart would be based off of scripture. That's why we vote. If we did so, we got to get over this. It's important God's, going. He still sovereign but be engaged in the culture, pray, pray, pray and be engaged. I'm just it surprises me more and more the People- oh I'm just gonna, set at home that doesn't do any good, just honor God, with working within the system. He gave you now. Sometimes we've seen it through history. We'll see it again in the book of revelation, it's possible that there's something called the great reset. You can look up, it's possible that we are getting toward the end times where this idea of going to a castles society to this new world order to deconstructing capitalism and putting in place equity around the world, which is basically Global Marxism, which is godless, so it it's possible that we are heading toward the rapture and well obviously, we know we're heading towards the rapture, but it's possible it's coming sooner than what some people may believe. So our government, if that's true, will continue to trend more immoral right, because the pressure is that our government would be it would be receiving and will will be increased on them will be from godless people to take away freedom from people take away. Religious Liberties prosecute persecute the Christians. You know, make em bake, cakes for homosexual weddings and take pictures and and then try to make them pay for abortion pills or be D, abortion, doctors, but a revelation thirteen when, in the end the beast is going to be given power and you've got this whole Ana Christ thing going down and he's going to be uttering blasphemous words and he's going to be exercising authority for forty two months and then the you know you blossoming against God and then the the world is going to be behind that or, if you remember in Daniel when he was taken away to to babble on now. It's like well well, wait a minute: that's not fair or Joseph, taking away to Egypt, that's not fair, but what we have to do is when you, when you have awareness that evil is increasing, then we have to understand that you know what we've got to be strong is a body of Christ. We have to know our word. We have to be ready in seas and and out of season we have to understand that Jesus had he said you will have trials. He was tempted in all ways without sin were tempted with him, but we're going to have trials, we're going to be receive persecution and we're going to be hated more and more by the world, while the role becomes more supportive of sin, more more promotive of it like it says in Romans, one that not only will the world have sin, but they will promote the sin in the Andays. So if things start to go south then we have to be smart to. We have to say: okay. Well, I'm going to move here. If I have to we, if the Lord, you have to be really seeking the Lord, when it's dark like this on where to move what to move, I personally don't see how anyone could send children to a public school unless it's a local conservative town, where you can keep track of it. But we know that the kids and a lot of schools are getting taught just abhorrent things, so we have to be wise as our government functions and we have to hold them accountable, but we have to do it in a way where people can see that our home is in heaven and we're here to work within the system that God puts over us that we could live peaceably and our children can be blessed and we have to be engaged, but don't get depressed if your favorite politician doesn't get elected. I was guilty of that and it's kind of foolish pray vote be engaged, go out and help your guy get elected if you want to, but in the end, trust that God is in control, so do all you can do all you feel that to do all you're motivated to do and be as encouraging as you want, but keep in mind that don't we can't lose our witness. We can't lose our identity to the world over politicians. So if the church is, if the church is praying educating themselves on issues voting- and we do it in Unisons, then it would be like it would be. Such a huge voting block that the people that God had ordained to be to be put in place for righteous reasons will get elected. If half the church stays home, which is in God's plan, then who do? Who would we blame if most e Christians stay home? Who Do we blame right now for WHO's in office for his past for his promoting night, late term abortions, LGBT transgender flags at our embassies, around the world, ungodly and Galiana and Godly, and if Christians didn't vote because they wanted to leave it up to God, and God wanted to show that if we would have been engaged, he would have honored that, then, then you have to look in the mirror and say how? How do I live? How do I, how do I function in the liberties and freedoms I have as a Christian and as between you and the Lord, but heaven is before us, so we need to be sharing the Gospel. Are You sharing the Gospel? You know the Gospel, I mean, do you do you say? Well I'm going to try to be really moral and then people will ask me that's going to be my plan, but here is a problem: that's not how it works. There is a saying that that I heard for years and years and years I think it was Saint Francis of a CICI that go out and share of the Gospel and, if necessary, use words, and that is heretical. Now you go out and you share, you speak. You Tell People the Gospel. If you live a life that is Christ like, in addition to sharing the Gospel, then your life will also attract people, as God is calling them to come to you to hear the Gospel. So in this environment, just like when Varro was persecuting the Jews, the slaves and Moses came forgot and he spoke and God moved and they got released. You could say: Well, I was where was God when the people were in bondage, but then where was a God when Joseph got sold into slavery, but in the end Joseph was put in that position and he said it to his brothers. God did this. You didn't sell me into slavery. God did so that I could preserve our nation through him lifting me up to the second most powerful person in Egypt when Israel went into bondage because of disobedience. Moses was sent, you'd say this is this is wrong, but God didn't forget and his timing. He then Went Sant Moses and Annie set the people free so in our sist in our situation. Right now, where we have a government, that's doing things that I disagree with and you probably do too. Then we have to trust it, we're going to honor them as we honor God, but we're going to be engaged as good citizens. Lo, what looking to live peaceably to be engaged voting and helping people to understand the righteous things that can be done, so our children and our families, our neighborhoods, can be saved, and then we continue to preach the Gospel Share, the Gospel and prepare to meet our maker. That is the Christian walk. So I hope that makes sense to you and if you disagree with me, let me know my emails Eric at for liberties. I'm sorry Eric at that's mother platform, Eric at Christian talk, Dot Life Eric at Christian talk, not live or icy and say you know what I don't agree with you, that's okay, except I think this is not like a big doctrinal issue. This is a scriptural issue where you're honoring, God by honoring the government you're not agreeing with the government and everybody in the government. But if you're voting and there's people that are going to represent your world view, then don't look for a no look for perfection in the politicians when you're going to vote for them, but if they are definitely, if you have two pagans pray about it, I wouldn't vote. If I had two pagans that were but typically you're going to have one that's going to be more for protecting children in the boom for lower taxes and we'll do all another thing on paying taxes, social justice does not there's no such thing as social justice in the Bible. There's justice and I will get to that. But God, God wasn't all worked up over people. Punishing each other in the culture, see kee first a Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and then God will add, unto you what you need just like. If you remember when Peter went to Jesus and said well, wait a minute, you told me that I'm going to be led away by people, I don't want to be led away by and killed and you're saying John's going to live a long life and what's up with that Jesus, that's none of your business. What I do with John! So as we close here, keep a mind. God loves you pursue your walk with the Lord, your individual walk you're calling be in scripture and, let's stay focused on heaven, be active in our culture for righteous causes, but share the Gospel and be and make your Lord Proud. That is our calling. Thank you so much for join me again. This has been Christian talk I'll see to row